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【FANCAM】SS501✿Talking: Crying moment✿Persona SeoulღEncoreღ [2010.02.28]

These video clips were taken during the last day of the Persona Encore Concert (28 February 2010), the screen were playing 'Wings of Heaven' MV which showed video clips from their past activities. In fact, all of the boys cried, except for the 'Grown up Man' Jung Min. ^_~

Some have asked why leader cried in the last day of the Encore concert, thanks for Pris from SGTripleS for sharing this.

ENG SUB Speech of KHJ & YS

Credit: SGtripleS fanclub -
Please repost with FULL CREDIT

"Leader felt that he had already grown up into adult,
and he is 25 years old this year and we fans are still with him

he hope all of the fans can stay with him till old,
till the day he cannot walk... (>.<)"


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Credit: + SaengFam @YT
[Fancam] [100227] SS501 Persona Encore-Young Saeng focus

Credit: + SaengFam @YT
[Fancam] [100228] SS501 Persona Encore-Young Saeng talk focus

Credit: eg2621 @YT
20100228 SS501 Encore in Seoul "賢不要哭..."

YoungSaeng Focus; Teary 2010.02.28

Credit: + lovetop7 @YT
[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong - Crying Moments @ Persona Encore Seoul 100228

수고했어요 @SS601 + 3kimheoparkss501 @YT
[Fancam] SS501 - Past Video Clips Make Them Cry - ENCORE Persona Concert [10.02.28]

So not reupload as as per request

SS501 Kyu Jong Crying Watching Past Video Clips at Persona Encore Concert

Credit: + lovetop7 @YT
[Fancam] Hyun Joong - Talking + Crying @ Persona Encore Seoul 100228

Credit: Prettyboy +
[Fancam][2010/08/28] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun "talking" focus @ Persona in Seoul Encore


Anonymous said...

Can anyone do the Eng Subbed ?! The leader seemed to be crying ... right ?!WHY ?! Please help ... I don't understand !!!!!!!THX !!!!!!!!!!!!

圆圆동생 said...

leader indeed is crying

all of them cry during today encore(except Mal)

圆圆동생 said...

this video cannot watch too many times

Baby so nice to pat on leader
YS hand over leader shoulder

*controlling tears*
let go watch JjitSaeng

19frantze said...

oh my...although i can't understand anything they r saying...seeing leader crying..made me cry too...

Mini UFO said...

This video I watch one time
Kyu also got put hand on leader

*Fly away quickly to bring tissue to 동생*

圆圆동생 said...

I nv Cry la

JM: only little kids will cry

Anonymous said...

why is hyun joong emotional? is it because its the last persona? please translate

Anonymous said...

Credit: SGtripleS fanclub forum

"gave pris a call just now,
she updated me the reason of why leader cry...
(while she is saying this, she feel like crying again...together with her slam10, blancbelle is also crying when pris update me )

leader felt that he had already grown up into adult,
and he is 25 years old this year and we fans are still with him

he hope all of the fans can stay with him till old,
till the day he cannot walk... >.<)"

Leader.... i will grow old with u, u always have my support!!!

Wendy said...

I will always be a HJL fan! Thank you - Shining Star, fighting!

Anonymous said...

Its lonely at the top-being leader is tough -all kinds of emotions are there-the uphill battles to reach where one is now ,and where it is going -growing old,having the support of fans , the group being still together as one or no longer ...all these must have been in leader's heart. I understand what leader went through ...I was there in that situation once

圆圆동생 said...

*laugh at YS*

dunno how to react to comfort leader
act touching his hair then put his arm over leader shoulder

buyia said...


Mae Berry said...

very touching! I, big unnie also crying while watching...I hope they will stay with until one day I can't walk too..

Anonymous said...

OMG.. I am crying with them T_T Leader T_T Watching him cry makes me cry too, so touching and sad! Gosh, I am happy for them and to see them go this far. They amaze me each and every time. I LOVE SS501 and will always love them! Thank you for sharing this video =]

Anonymous said...

he where lonely? Got HB mah, already admitted in bangkok

Anonymous said...

Guess dats tears of j0y... But oh my junie cried a l0t! Its been m0nths since i 1st saw him on bof and yet i feel i kn0w leader all my life...


lavender said...

I was at the concert and saw leader crying, I was so sad, didn't understand what he was saying, was kind of worried that he might mean it's their last concert. Now I feel better. He was really emotional and tears came down, at one point, Kyu Jong reached over and tried to wipe his tear, he put up a hand and stopped him. He was teary eyed for a while. But during encore, he was in happy mood. Really enjoyed the concerts, especially the 2nd day.

Kikyou said...

Leader dont cry! ): Triple S will follow ss501 forever :D

tetsu girl said...

here's YT link for Naver vid:

also, here's YT link for HJL talking&crying vid with eng subs by ltstraus and littlelover:

not nagging 圆圆 to update; just for other fans' convenience. ^^

sweetiecutieys said...

mini ufo plese link the video ys focus,teary in yt account~~~~


Anonymous said...

Actually baby is crying but he still pat on leader. How sweet it is. Baby's face had already full of tears that time=(

Hye Eun said...

Aww..i think nobody can stop themselves from crying with the boys ='(

To our beloved SS501 oppas, we will always be with you till you grow old.