Wednesday, March 03, 2010

[Video]Eng Sub KHJ(cried) & HYS Speech @ Persona Seoul Encore [2010.02.28]

Thanks Tetsu Girl + Marydewitt for the tip
YoungSaeng Speak Louder :|

Repost with full credit
Credit: Translation: littlelover@KHJ Int'l Forum. Subtitle: ltstraus @YT
sub Hyun joong crying at encore

Credit: Translation: littlelover@KHJ Int'l Forum. Subtitle: ltstraus @YT
[Eng Sub] FanCam - Hyun Joong at Encore Concert crying


Helen from Vancouver said...

Every time when I watched this video, I cried too and was fully touched by Hyun Joong's tears. They've really worked a long hard way to reach what they are now. SS501 I will always love you. Fighting!!!!

圆圆동생 said...

later Mini ufo release a TW fanacc abt leader, i bet u cry too

Looking at Mini UFO, let u pin tht post for 2days ok =D

i secrety read ur draft at office

Mini UFO said...

No need lar. Half day can already. As long as the link is in the compilation, they can always read it from there.

Mini UFO said...


I guess you would read it also! But surprised that you are extremely cool after reading. =P

圆圆동생 said...

pin it till 5.01PM tml =D

Anonymous said...

Hyun joong...i want to tell u and Young Saeng Kyu jong Jung Min Hyung Jun too...i promise to stand by with you you you you and you forever...until 40 50 60 years old ^^ stand by me too and walking to the future together

i promise
we promise