Wednesday, March 03, 2010

[Info] Tom & Jerry tweet diary

Mini UFO was eating popcorn reading tweet diary of Tom & Jerry but realized that it is already 11pm so reluctantly fly back to SS501UFO home to continue giving you more updates.

Well, since it is such a nice blog, I must intro intro to you right? ^_^

Thank you for Ode & Stalking_HJ for organizing our Tom & Jerry's tweet diary. I have read quite a few translation of Maknae before flying back here (Yeah~ I wish I have the luxury to read all~ But nevermind, I will do it later when I am FREE~)

Opps! I write so much and never tell you the link to this lovely blog:

For shortcut to Jung Min's tweet diary, see:

For shortcut to Maknae Hyung Jun's tweet diary, see:


Odeds said...

kk Thanks^^

ran said...

idk why to them twitter is difficult to use...
maybe because it's in english?

Stalking_HJ said...

late thanks ^^.. because me MI fow two days.. hehe..
thankSS cagalli.. ^^

Mini UFO said...

Aiyor! No need to thanks lar! Good things must share share mar!