Tuesday, March 02, 2010

[Photo] Kyu Jong @ Persona Encore Concert [2010.02.27] by KyuMind

Heee..... I guess you are not complaining that there's so many photographs sharing, this round we really have a lot of photographs flying around SS601. I have not stop seeing new photographs being loaded in SS601. I thought the security is tight? Kekeke.....

Kyu must be very happy on Encore Concert, since he mentioned before he was happy when the TripleS greeted him Happy Birthday, this time they not even greeted him Happy Birthday but also gave him a cake sing Birthday songs for him too! Can see that he was extremely HIGH on that day. ^^


Credit: cafe.daum.net/kyuMind
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tetsu girl said...

oh, sweet Kyu <3. love these pics, especially the cute last one where he's blowing the bubbles. ^_^
thanks once again for all the sharing, guys!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Kyu Jongie! You are soo handsome. I love his hair, these photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.