Tuesday, March 02, 2010

[Photo] Young Saeng @ Persona Encore Concert [2010.02.27] by Madeleine

Actually received these photographs in my mailbox early in the morning, but I guess I will keep the best for tonight. Keke... and also because there's too many I can't do it in office. Haha.

Thanks Sudal for sending all these cute photographs to my mailbox. Don't worry, I won't get sick of post such beautiful photographs. ^^


Credit: http://heoyoungsaeng.ivyro.net/
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sweetiecutieys said...

great and beautiful pics!!!!!

ys's a boy that full with surprise^^
love it~~~~~
love his voice esp when he rap our own memories....wow
im still in shock condition..
hehehe...i just hear his voice for this song in my mp3 since it alr was format in mp3^^

i never get sick with his voice..so sweet and lovely^^

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, bad boy Young Saengie. Love these photos of him, he's soo cuteee! Thanks for sharing.

Nica said...

YS having fun during encore.
look at him carrying 3 bottles and even getting more!