Tuesday, March 02, 2010

【FANCAM】SS501✿U R MAN✿Persona SeoulღEncoreღ

Repost with full credit

Credit: kimxiuhyun @YT
[Fancam] 100227 U R MAN (Part 1)@SS501 Seoul Persona Encore Concert

[Fancam] 100227 U R MAN (Part 2)@SS501 Seoul Persona Encore Concert

Credit: rmdkdl.com + SaengFam @YT
[Fancam] [100227] SS501 Encore Persona - U R MAN Young Saeng focus

Credit: http://marlang.ivyro.net/ + hs1986ing @YT
100228 Youngsaeng-URman

Credit: HSScandal.com + lovetop7 @YT
[Fancam] SS501 - UR MAN Full @ Persona Encore Seoul

Credit: SSlovechau @YT
100227 SS501 PERSONA Encore - U R Man

Credit: http://www.pentacle501.com/

Credit: http://www.noblekhj.com/ + 3kimheoparkss501 @YT
[Fancam] SS501 Hyun Joong Focus - "Ur Man" Performace - ENCORE Persona Concert [10.02.28]

Credit: BestYS + SaengFam @YT
[Fancam] [100227] SS501 Encore Persona - U R Man Young Saeng focus

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the fancams *happy*
but that's really weird, performed UR Man dance without jacket.