Wednesday, March 03, 2010

【FANCAM】Heo Young Saeng✿Solo: Our Own Memories✿Persona SeoulღEncoreღ

RapSaeng dancing street dance, i dunno how many times i had play this video even since it is out at BestYS......!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After finish singing Seo Tai Ji song, there's some words that appeared on the screen. It was actually a love message from Young Saeng to fans. Thanks SaengiePB for sharing Prince Young Saeng's message with us.

Credit: SaengiePB @
Please repost with full credit

I want to tell you my dearest friend.
Will only remember the sadness as compared to happiness~
However, I wil think of you when that happened.
We can feel the love you give
so that we can stand up and strive again.
And now we are,
we are connected together with our hearts
We can be together forever
Together, tonight, in this blissful night,
in this very moment, let our meeting become a precious memory
I love you~~~


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Credit: kimxiuhyun @YT
[Fancam] 100227 Yeong Sang Solo (Part 1)@SS501 Seoul Persona Encore Concert

[Fancam] 100227 Yeong Sang Solo (Part 2)@SS501 Seoul Persona Encore Concert

Credit: Charisma! - HK DoubleS Club + MEKOHK922 @YT
[Fancam] Youngsaeng - 100227 Enore Concert In Soeul - Solo

Credit: + SaengFam @YT
[Fancam] [100227] SS501 Persona Encore-Find Young Saeng focus

Credit: + hs1986ing @YT


Credit: SSlovechau @YT
100227 SS501 PERSONA Encore - YoungSaeng solo

Credit: cynipani @YT + Fiesta
[Fancam 3] SS501 Young Saeng Solo - Our Own Memories Perf. - ENCORE Persona Concert [10.02.28]

Credit: BestYS + SaengFam @YT
[Fancam 3] [100227] SS501 Encore Persona - Our own memories Young Saeng solo

Credit: + SaengFam @YT
[Fancam 1] [100228] SS501 Encore Persona - Our own memories Young Saeng solo

Credit: BestYS + SaengFam @YT
[Fancam] [100228] SS501 Encore Persona - Our own memories Young Saeng focus

[Fancam] SS501 Heo Young Saeng dancing solo short clip @ Persona in Seoul Encore concert


圆圆동생 said...

BYEBYE, I M DIED.................!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

圆圆 dont die.... we need you......kekeke you need to keep us updated with SS501

sweetiecutieys said...

u're the bez mini ufo and 圆圆!!!

圆圆동생 said...

look at the LLT YS focus which i force mini ufo to upload :X

btw wat is bez?

sweetiecutieys said...

bez is short form for best^^

Anonymous said...

where is the llt ys focus? there is no fancam link yet in the list...

圆圆동생 said...

Sry deleted, cos cannot repost T.T

RA rated, cos YS shake backside :|

Anonymous said...

oh no... i missed it!... :'(

圆圆동생 said...

i still force mini ufo to upload in exchange for 2fanfic :|

YS shake backside

Mini UFO said...

Now is 4 lor.... becos I download another one for u!! ^^


圆圆동생 said...


4 then 4 lor, make sure u roll on the floor

圆圆동생 said...

BTW hyung is during 4chance YS flips his long silky fringe 1 right?

Mini UFO said...

I cannot listen to sound lar... I juz load wat u wan me load lor.... But I know I see is YS cute cute lor....

Sigh! When he keep wanting to be bad boy he is getting more and more cute! Kekekekekeke.... I guess he must be very mad! Hahahaha

圆圆동생 said...

make into GIF leh, i wan put as my wallpaper :|

i wan his sikly hair....!!~~
501Day.. wat style will YS follow?

Mini UFO said...

I know I know..... bad boy style

*MiniUFO putting on shield because a lot of people throw stones*

sweetiecutieys said...

luckily...i alr download that vid^^
but why cant post it at yt?

i really want to watch everything about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Luvit08 said...

I wanna know what he said in his message after the song, could someone translate it????
I just know the meaning of the last words...sarangheyo~~~!!!!
huh...melting again^^

圆圆동생 said...

cannot post in YT cos R-Rated, YS shake backside, worry tht u all see too much nose BLEED T.T

maybe owner dun wan see her stuff posted everywhere w/o credit ba, just respect her decision, since she is so nice to share such a nice video of YS =D

not 1 but 2 nice video ^^

Anonymous said...

yeah me too
i really hope someone can translate his message and when he said before sing greenpeas..
i alr knew what leader told about but dunno what saengie are saying

sweetiecutieys said...

it's soooo sweet^^
love and saranghae to him back^^

dun worry we always support u and ss501 fighting!!!!!!

we will grow old together and forever^^

thanks for the really appreciate^^

圆圆동생 said...

did YS use this to chase girls?
if tht it is, he sure success

sweetiecutieys said...


but why he always got hurt by girls???

they really blind^^

圆圆동생 said...

COS when ys is sad, he think of TS and not his gf(as mention abv)


GF: wat sld be eat?

YS: (look at her)curry ^o^(smile till eye become 1line)

GF: (again?)stare at YS eye w/o any reply black face turn ard go hm eat ramen

YS: T.T hurhur

YS called KHJ n told him he make his gf angry.

KHJ: YS ah.. wanna go hv a drink?

YS: curry 1st then soju

#while out with KHJ,YS GF called#

GF: where r u?

YS: with Hyunjoong

Phone tone: DO..DO..DO...(GF HANGUP)

GF(THINK)365days, u with tht guy for 300days &%#)#&%*)*

=fanfic chapter 1 for mini ufo=

Anonymous said...

Wing of the world - SS501 Union fandom video event :

sweetiecutieys said...

u're soooo funny 圆圆^^
but i hate when he remember his gf..
cos he will sad and i dun want to see his sad face
i want he always smile and happy

when he said about his x-gf...i can see his sad face esp when he sang it's love...and when he sang nuh hana man(in myfav)

圆圆동생 said...

what nuh hana man?
YT link pls

i encore already T___________T

sweetiecutieys said...

QUAINTE] 081203 - My favorite {eng subbed} - 3/5

he sang nuh hana man and he said he cried after he sang that song...

BUT I THINK u should watch the whole parts..1 until 5..
ys sooooo sexy and hot...
he showed a lot of another of himself

Janics Chong said...

圆圆 Your fanfic is super funny ! haahah Isit really true that Young Saeng loves curry? Didnt heard of it tho =S

圆圆동생 said...

JM sae during at chocolate tht YS love curry, he eat curry with leader when leader had H1N1

thanks sweetiecutieys for the link, i will watch it after encore

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng-ah you totally deserve more curry!