Friday, March 05, 2010

[Fan account] TS Cath sharing about Persona Encore Concert

Thank Cath for giving me permission to reshare her fan account here with all of you. It was originally shared in TripleSTW and also HyunJoongChina. Please DO NOT repost anywhere else.

I have always admired Hyun Joong for his perseverance and strong will, though at times, I am very worried that if all these were too tough to him. No matter what, all these incident that happened, it has already happened. I believed God has placed him under such situation, so that he could gain some lessons in life, to grow more matured after going through all these plunders. After a storm, there's rainbow.

Life is never smooth sailing for most, but I guess as long as we TripleS, really keep our promise to stay beside him and also SS501. Not just saying it, but in actual action. Saying that you will stay with them forever has a significant meaning, make sure you fullfill your promise, don't because of another new group came out, change to love them less. But continue to support them through all the ups and down, growing old together with them.

Leader Crying Fancam

Credit: (Original writer) Cath @ TripleSTW + (reposted) + (english translation)
Repost with permission from original writter

This fan account was shared in TripleSTW by a TripleS 凯姊---cath. She is an air hostess... fluent in Japanese~know some korean... so whatever Hyun Joong and the rest of the members said, she could roughly understand...
And because of that~ Her impression over this was even deeper!!!


All sisters I am back
Ms Cath hurricane 72hrs Korean trip has ended ~~~
But currently my eyes are still filled with tears...

I have never thought that Hyun Joong's feeling is like this...

The 1st day, once I saw Hyun
(Ms Cath was standing at Standing Area C~ Hyun stayed here for quite long
I immediately told dongsaeng beside me. Look, Hyun Joong, isn't he slimmed down, and looked more haggard...
I can clearly seen, in his sunken eyes, I think Cody dongsaeng must have tried her very best to cover it, can't just ask him to inject botox~~)

Cath: Hyun ah, you bluff.. previously korean fans said when they met you, you said you are alright, words like you are Kim Hyun Joong...
Kid, you are only 24 years old, your feelings were all written on your face, obviously there's something, I am angry with you trying to act tough..

2nd day, I am at the sitting area, before singing Green Peas, everybody were watching a video clip~~
The clip was not long, it was some past to present clips and also some photographs taken by fans...
Hyun Joong seem to be in deep thoughts (Hyun was just right infront of us, Japan fan took the binoculars and asked me to see, she said Hyun's expression, looked very heavy and serious...) After this, during his turn to talk, Hyun just started to talk, and cried~~~
I can't tolerate anymore, also dropped my tears...
Do you know? He was not just crying, but his expression, was full of grievance, pressure, and also helpless expressions Hyun is not sad, but just too overwork... but he know, he can't disappear anyhow Because he is Kim Hyun Joong, He is SS501's leader, He is not just himself...
After that Hyun said one sentence, I totally broke down, cried on the shoulder of the person beside me

Hyun Joong said~~

"Thank you all the green peas
who have continually stayed with us..."

Then Hyung Jun also suddenly broke down and cried, not because he was a cried baby, but because, he felt the feelings Because he clearly knew, during this period, how Hyun Joong had gone through... Kyu also can't tolerate, Young Saeng forced his smile, but 2 lines of tear had already flowed down... Silly Mal lover still said because he is a man, so he didn't cry, I wonder who's that, sneakily blowing his nose since earlier and kept looking up...

Cath: I am still crying now, because I'm really very heart pain, if you had seen it personally (with your own eyes), you will felt very heart pain
Japan fan beside me didn't say wrongly, Kid, you are just only 24 years old...
Why do you have to endure all these, but you do not have any grumbles?!! Yesterday, you didn't mentioned your hardship, didn't mentioned about your pressure, just continuously thanked us. Thanked many people, also thanked that stupid president that should be banged to the wall.

Really, even when I thought of this, I was also crying, yesterday I kept crying, even in the morning when thought of it still felt sad...
That moment, I really felt like telling him~~ Hyun ah, don't sing anymore, don't be Hyun Joong, go be yourself, is it okay?!
Maybe because the Japan fan and I were not young, we could really felt this kid's thoughtfulness and strong will, and really made people very heart pain...

I was remorseful for the whole night, praying to God, should I not suppose to like them so much..
Because of we wanted to see them, caused them even when during New Year celebration, also can't go home..
Because cannot don't see them, caused Hyun Joong even after such incident had happened, also must forced himself to go on stage to smile for everybody
Because worried about Green Peas' feeling, so must tell us, it is alright...

Is because our love towards all of you, right? Really, at that very moment, I was thinking...

Hyun Joong ah, if you can be happy.. I am willing to let go of my likings towards you...
To return you, your original freedom, carefree and also 4D's soul...
Hyun's parents, sorry... cause your son, to withstand such pressure, sorry...
If possible, to exchange your happiness, I am willing, to give up SS501...

But all I heard was, you said... Thank you for our companion~~
Kim Hyun Joong, I really don't know what to do to you? Sorry, we are so in love with you and the other 4...

Final ending, 5 of them not only bowed but together, kneel down,
and did the traditional bow to all the fans

They are really a bunch of silly kids that made me happy and made me cried...

I broke down again, allowed me to go wash my face and rest, later then send you more of my insights..
OMG... Who can stop my tears!!!

I forgotten, to say a word~~~
Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun~~
I use my whole life's promised, to support you forever

~Omit some personal comments from Cath~

Don't worry, we will turn old together (and definitely is me who will turn old first. Ai~~~)

Writer final note:

1) Firstly, thanks for everybody, also want to say sorry to you~~ Ms Cath send this post, everybody's replied, made me broke down after reading. Sorry, would it be, due to my post, most everybody feel down? Really sorry oh~~ But, I am also, very heart pain for Hyun ah...

2) Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, Hyung Jin, thanks to all of you~~
Hyun Dad Hyun Mum, Saeng Dad Saeng Mum, Kyu Dad Kyu Mum, Min Dad Min Mum, Maknae Dad and Maknae Mum~~
Please accept my traditional bow, sorry, because of our love, your sons have to work so hard..
Also thanks to all of you, to have taught them so wonderfully, being so considerate, caring and devoted, also know how to love
God will guard and watch over them, we TS, will also turn into tiny stars, surrounding beside this 5 coloured star.
Tiny lights, but like many sparking stars, just like yesterday night's handphone surprised, I can assured with everybody, the Kids were very touched
Thank you SS501, Thank you all of you, also sorry, but I still want to love all of you~~~


Photographs shared by Cath
Credit: Cath @
Repost with permision from owner
Please do not repost

All these photographs were taken by Cath while risking being caught by the security

Seoul Encore Concert ~ 5 boys that made me a crazy girl who cried and laugh

First time, sneakily trying to take photographs in concert (It is a bad behavior, really not good~ but XXXXX)
Not very skillful, not very bold too, please bear with me~~~

Note1: Those wearing yellow dress, was the male dancers dressed in ladies costume, very disgusting, but very funny, hahaha
Note2: Kyu was 'stuffed' into that box, really was quite by forced, he can't even climb out properly

After cake cutting, Kyu was 'bathed' by everybody,
and then finally it was time to say the final thanks to all~~~
(Starting from the lady dancer that squat down,
from right to left: Kyu, Saengie whose tee was torn,
Hyun who was wearing an ear gear,
Rabbit eared Hyun, Mal with the blue towel)

This scene, Hyun took the lead to kneel down on the spot,
doing the traditional bow to the fans, causing me to cry the Nth time
Then I also, returned with a bow on the spot, and kept saying, sorry, we are sorry
However, thank you for all of you, your performance was really good.
Really! Thank You! Please continue, to work hard...
(The group dancer was stunned, because this was too sudden...
Some of the Korean younger fans were saying 'an duwey'~
Of course they can't, they are actually their OPPA...
They are really the 5 silly~~)


This is Kyu, being stuff into one water tub which was considered quite small for him, he climbed out awkwardly...
Because during the time, there's a big group of people surrounding, so I could only shoot the big screen, LOL~~

A little blur, sorry, because Kyu slipped all in a sudden.
He was totally drenched, poor kid~~~
(Laugh till drop, because initially he still wanted to run away...
eventually was forcefully stuffed into the tub

This is the proof that Kyu was trying to run away but was hold back.
Maknae and one dancer first stopped his way,
then Mal grabbed him from behind,
then a production staff come over to dismantle the mic in his body
(Staff OS~ Hor, this is extremely expensive,
definitely can't be soaked in water ah.
Boss will ask me to go sell roast chestnut... XDD)

Haha, the evil Mal, locked Kyu totally (Most left hand side~~)
Jung Min ah, did Kyu Jong owe you money XDD

Mal who was ultra HIGH~~~
This photograph was so clear, I was also shocked

That Mal~ I wonder what was written on that light bulb balloon,
which made him opened his mouth super big.
The next second, he was shot with water gun into his mouth by fans
Hahahahaha~~~ (Quickly run away, Mal is running over)

Heo Young Saeng your hair was flatten,
but Young Saeng who was playing with water, was super happy
[Saeong: I am SUPER MAN~~~]
(Saeng, you did enjoy pouring water right?! But it's my precious woolen coat la!!!)

Kim Hyung Jun, that stick in your hand, isn't it too big,
so Kyu also owe you money is it?
Why you looked like you wanted to get back your money from him? XDD
(The beautiful dancer infront, originally permed curly hair, you see, all was straighten~~)

That's almost all~~
Hmmm seems like there no Hyun's. Em~~ if I didn't remember wrongly, he seems to come later, was at the other side most of the time?!!
Therefore when I realized that I can take photographs, it was too late, he had already ran away, hehehe

Waoh, make me cried and smiled, I am going to be messed up by five of you la


Wendy said...

Hyun Joong 90% of the time looks deep in thought and that's the cuteness of him. This account of the 4 crying - I saw the clip and they seemed to be moved by the occassion (encore last show for the season, love from fans, and their love for the fans) that they were moved to tears. I know that men's psychie is made different, where woman feel a lot, men are more factual - pin point problem and solve and that's it. We feel a hundred things - men think+solve. So, maybe HJL is fine and dealing with things like most men do. He's 24, but he went through alot in his younger days so I feel he's strong and can handle stuff. He looked great from the photos I saw.

chaez said...

i'm just listening to music high n found this fan account.
it makes my eyes teary too. i can feel her feeling when i read this.. and it makes me also feel like 'it's OK to give up SS501 in return for their happiness..'
but i know if we do it.. (only if, of course we can't stop loving them..) if we do it.., it will makes them sad, as if we stop them to pursue their dreams..
this fan account makes me realise that being a fan have no time limit.. we love them.. and when they feel sad, we'll feel even more sad.. but we can't do much for them.. only able to love them and cheer on them continuously, no matter what happens.. and that's what we'll do, right?
i don't want SS501 go through what other band goes.. (you know who.. poor them, lots of fans turning their back against them)

LOL to Mal always looking up and sneakily blowing his nose. that's so him with his pride..

thanks for sharing Cagali!

Anonymous said...

Omg, this is really sad. I just got done reading this and I have tears rolling down my face and I'm also in my class!!! I would agree with her, they are over working themselves. Even though I have soo much move for them, I am willing to give up on them for their sake. I hate seeing them all tired and the bags under their eyes are just too much especially Leader. Ahh, just seeing them bow and cry is too much for me. I am sadden by this. Okay, enough with the sadness. I'm loving the photos. All of them look soo happy and cute, thanks for sharing!!

Nicky said...

leader i have been crying just seeing your like that
since you keep things to yourself
it must be doubly hard
burden becomes lighter when shared leader
hope things will be okay for you soon!

thanks cagali for sharing ...

19frantze said...

can't stop my tears...
thanks for the share...
will always support oppas,until the end..

Anonymous said...

Everybody can tell that those tears were not just only because he's was touched by the clip. He cried really hard, he sobbed uncontrollably; that sudden rush of emotions must come from all the hardship, suffering, pains, agonies in all those years.

It's not easy to be a leader. He'd worked really, really hard to promote SS501 since the beginning. They all worked so hard to be at this stage. As much as I love SS501, I also want them to be happy, and to be free from all the pressure, especially the Leader. Too much things were put on his young shoulder. The innocent, and free-spirit looks were slowly disappeared from his beautiful eyes. Pressure, desperation, and sadness are all I can see in his eyes, even he tries hard to hide. Five years, I've watched them growned. This is not what I want to see, not at all. Please be happy, all I can do is to support them with all my heart.

Anonymous said...

i think partly also because he realized how much he and his brothers are being loved by the fans esp. after the incident. He and the others in the group have said many times that they are where they are because of the fans' support.They are touched like we are also touched by their sincerity and love.

Anonymous said...

23 only not yet 24 or 25, small boy crying, need more growing up

Nica said...

this fan account is the nth time i cried because of this concert.
i remember the first was when i listened live and heard leader sobbing.heart breaks big time.

he really has something going on with him and do not want to show it although TS can see it. maybe even with the members he do not show it. his dongsaengs whom he loves very much.

okay, i hate this im crying again. i may have been a fan for a year but i watched their old videos and know that they come a long way..and i hope they would still be together but will get some rest.
and i want to see those playful side of them.

marge0256 said...

I am teary eyed after reading. Thanks cagali for sharing. It's sad and happy to know those things about hyun joongie. He's 24 and gone through so much with the members. I feel that whatever they would endure, I'll be tehre to support them, whatever it is. SS501, fighting!

Joongbo4ever said...

I am reading this in the office, and crying! This encore concert is a bitter sweet time for me!!
Was there when HyunJoong cried, he did not just tear, he cried! and broke my heart!
many of us who were there cried with him, and even after the concert, the image of him bring tears to my eyes.
Feel his heavy heart, all the pressure and the pain he need to endure. I am thankful to his bffs who were there for him! Kamsaehaminda.

The burden of his responsibilities towards the group and to the fans.
His appreciation and love towards his fans are without doubt.

I will give up SS501 if it can bring him joy and happiness.
But we all know how much he love
SS501 - his heart is with SS501 irregardless of whatever he is doing even at his solo event, SS501is always on his mind. We have all witnessed that!!
He is the true leader! and I salute and respect him.
My love and support will always be for him, does not matter what he does!

Whatever that cannot break him will make him stronger!! and I am confident that he will overcome and achieve much much more!
Though the enemy might want to attack him, but i know he will be protected and not be defeated!
My prayer are for you, HyunJoong.
If you need to cry, cry it out, let it all out, dont bottled up!
and i know your day will be brighter!

I promise I will never hide and stay beside you, and as your true fans will let you know what real love can do!!
My love and support for you will not waver!
Grow old with you and love you forever!
HyunJoong ah, Wish Your Love Be Happy!! Saranghaeyo!

Anonymous said...

i think that all the more we should not give up on supporting them, because this is what their dreams are, and by loving them, we are giving them the strength to carry on..
like hyun joong said, he always wanted to hold a concert for his fans, even when he's old, and we come with our family and kids, and the concert is like meeting up with old friends....
let's continue to love them till they're old, this is their dream ^^

i remember reading something that a friend of hyun joong once said, he said that time when ss501 just came back from their long japan promo, there were fans who had already moved on to other boybands.... hyun joong was drinking with the friends, and at the end of it, he said, "those who have left would have alweady left, but those who have stayed with us -all the more we treasure them".....

let's continue to help these 5 boys reach their dreams.... ss501, hwaiting!!!!

Anonymous said...

doing a traditional korean bow to THANKYU our SS501 boys..for all your hardwork,for all your time, for sacrificing your own happines..

cant believe they doing the bow at the end,,gissss,,cannt stop crying reading this..

gonna support them to the end..

Anonymous said...

They as SS501 will NOT give up on us Triple S and we should NOT give up on them. We must keep supporting them, like some of you have said, this is their dream. I know we worry and are hurt when we see them suffer, but soon they will overcome this obstacle together. SS501 is a very strong group of men! I'm sure they would not want their fans to feel like this, please everyone don't get too emotional and keep supporting them. We all as true Triple S will grow old with them until the end. Much love to SS501 always and forever. We will remain one until the end. They will always be NUMBER ONE in my heart forever. SS501 FIGHTINGGG!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe he was crying because of all the pain and hardships. I believe he was crying because he was so touched by the overwhelming support of the fans. I believe one of his biggest fears is losing the fans. Yes he has been through a lot but he loves SS501 and he would be devastated if fans gave them up just because they think they are over worked and tired. Sure they work hard but it's all for the fans. They wouldn't do it if it wasn't truly what they want to do. I sure hope not one single fan gives them up otherwise all that hard work would be for nothing. Keep supporting them because they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Let us support SS501. We should be united as "One" with them. Let us help them realize their dream. And I'm sure, many of us know that when they achieve their biggest dream, a thousand folds of Happiness they will feel. Trials, sufferings, obstacles, pain are just part of the will make them stronger...their path is long way ahead...they realy need us... so,Triple S let us support them until the end!!!Let us shower them with all the love we have...

Anonymous said...

I am in office right now, but my tears still roll out... Lucky nobody saw..

I was at the concert and my heart hurts so much that leader is crying. Everyone is feeling the same way cos we can't stop ourselves from crying too. HJ is a strong man. He cried because he has achieved all the success now from his hard work. All these years, working so hard all for us fans. We should appreciate him for what he is doing for us.

I agree that if they wanted to go, we should let them go. I cannot imagine that they should continue on like this. Will they be able to get married and have a family? Will anyone let them? I rather they can retire and live happily.

But of course, whatever it is the boys choose, I will always support them.

SS501 Fighting!

Anonymous said...

Accepting whatever the decisions they will make in the future is what i guess Triple S should do.

Cause' Epik High once said, a fan is supposed to appreciate their music and like them for who they are, not to criticize them and demand things from them.

turtle said...

I'm speechless. i totally understand.

thanks for all these.


Anonymous said...

You are all so kind and understanding. Being an TS, I don't just learn from them but from other TS. It is such a wonderful fate for me.
Thank you so much for sharing me this.

ysang said...

i just love them.. I've never had this passion until i knew about them.. and for that i will assure that i'll support them no matter what.. even if the worse comes and they decide to be on separate ways(which i don't want to imagine) but if that what's makes them happy.. then i'm happy. being a tripleS is great and how i wish i can support them by promoting them here in our country but their albums were imported from korea therefore supplies are low.. and 2 days before their albums were released it was already sold out.. in a week's time only 1 out 6 malls that carried their albums only have the stock. and it's too far from where i live.. still.. even though so many fans already said this to Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, and Hyung joon.. I LOOK UP TO YOU AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! another tripleS may or may not make a difference.. but all of it is true.. =)

Anonymous said...

sorry to post it here but i don't know other way to contact you

Hyung Joon become a progamer ep 5 (eng sub) already up on nevake's youtube channel

Mini UFO said...

Thanks Anonymous! Please feel free to post in the comments box, don't need to say sorry. ^^

Anonymous said...

Most of the bloggers'comments said it all-Hyun joong had mixed emotions -the success they had attained after all the hardships,the difficulties and challenges that lay ahead ,the fears as he himself said ,"I am just illuminated by the lights not a real star ,someday will all be gone" (what a humble insight),the responsibilities of being the leader .But i believe he ,they can move on to the next level of their career as young men no longer boys with talents and skills. Let them be -we are there to support and applaud and appreciate what they have became and offered us.