Friday, March 05, 2010

[News] Recommended songs which are most suitable to listen during White Valentine Day [2010.03.03]

Do you also remember that Hyun Joong even mentioned in the interview with Monkey3 that he will love to listen to his lover singing 'Love Like This' and dance the song for him? Kekeke... Just in case you forget, here's the link to the interview -> SS501 Interview with Monkey3

By the way, is there any Taiwan TS here, may I know which music shop could I get all of the Taiwan version SS501 CD & DVD album in Taipei with the most bargain price? ^_^


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[News][2010.03.03] Recommended songs which are most suitable to listen during White Valentine Day

Music Website ( selected 30 songs which are most suitable in terms of representation and meanings to the theme 'Love' in response to the 14 March, White Day and created a hot topic.

The songs that were selected are mostly from current popular idol's pop songs, like SS501, T-ara, Jewelry and others.

For SS501, they strongly recommended the song 'Love Like This' which is included in their mini album, this fast beat song make people feel that by listening this song, it can shorten the distance between both lovers.

Whereas T-ara's 'Nothing Better' is very suitable and meaningful to sing to your the other half. Also Jang Nara's 'I am also a woman' and also SNSD Tae Yeon's 'If' are also strongly recommended.

Actually even MC Mong's 'HomeRun; Gummy's 'Do It' and others song are also being recommended as handphone ringtones.

Other than the above songs, like Super Junior's 'Reset', SHINEE's 'Boy Meets Girl' and other songs are also known to be fast pace and light hearted and suitable as songs for Valentine's Day.

Netizen who participated in the voting could also participated in the website's lucky draw on 15 March, prize include iRiver's Mickey MP3 player. To listen to the nominated songs, please visit this website:


Anonymous said...

Mini Ufo why not try to buy online at HMV Hongkong ??? the cd's somtimes are much cheaper than yesasia

How about Rose Records ???

Mini UFO said...

No no no, I mean buying physically in Taipei. Going to tour there soon. So thinking of stocking up on SS501 merchandise there. ^_^ At least I can save up on delivery charges!

Anonymous said...

Mini Ufo what cd's do you like ??? I'll try to help you look for it.

I have one spare solo collection cd bought in Hongkong. I can give it to you for free, if you want it.

圆圆동생 said...

go JIAJIA recording you can find all u wan

if not go ROSE

PS: u sld ask me =.=" i m TW expertise

Mini UFO said...

Aiya! Forget the Taiwan expert. I call u everyday I am in Taiwan! Hahahahaha

圆圆동생 said...

u go TW, i off my hp :|
maybe u at tw, i at GZ

byebye UFO