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[News][2010.02.28] Had an enjoyable meeting with SS501 Fans

Thanks XiaoChu for sharing this long translation. This news is so detailed and listed out all the songs SS501 sing throught the Encore Concert! Saw the horse that Jung Min's holding, that's the correct horse that 圆圆동생's friend Eeyore gave to Jung Min, it is also the same horse that she threw to Jung Min in Persona Bangkok. She is really lucky to have Jung Min picked up her gift twice!


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[News][2010.02.28] Had an enjoyable meeting with SS501 Fans

Returning of SS501, consisting of forever center Kim KyuJong and leader Kim HyunJoong, bad boy Heo YoungSaeng and becoming a gamer Kim HyungJoon, sexy charisma shopping mall CEO Park JungMin, has become one again.

On 27-Feb at 7pm in Seoul Songpa-gu, Gymnasium Stadium at Olympic Park, SS501’s first ASIA TOUR PERSONA Encore concert started. On this day, SS501’s opposing side is the Fencing Stadium where 9-member girl group SeoNeoShiDae (TaeYeon, YoonA, Jessica, SooYoung, HyoYeon, Yuri, Tiffany, Sunny, SeoHyun) were having their encore concert.

SS501 (Kim HyunJoong, Kim KyuJong, Heo YoungSaeng, Park JungMin, Kim HyungJoon) started their Asia Tour Concert at Seoul in August 2009 and continued to Tokyo-Japan, Shanghai-China, Taipei-Taiwan, HongKong, and other Asia regions. SS501 has sold their Asia Tour remarkably well with almost sold-out in all the concerts. With this, they held encore concerts to signify the end of ‘PERSONA’ concerts. Fans from Asia regions came to the concert on this day and displayed their ‘SS501 love’ beyond boundaries.

Especially in this concert, their juniors from same management company, KARA (Park Kyuri, Jung Nicole, Han SeungYeon, Gu Hara, Kang JiYoung) and Rainbow (Kim JaeKyung, Oh SeungAh, Jung YoonHye, Noel, Kim JiSook, Jo HyunYoung, Go WooRi) were being invited to be the guests on 27th and 28th respectively, gaining some anticipation.

# SS501, Super star 5 person always as 1!
With fireworks and laser effects, the opening performance of Encore Concert started with SS501 singing ‘Déjà vu’ and heated up the atmosphere. During ‘UNLOCK’, which matches the most with the name ‘PERSONA’ for the concert, SS501 appeared wearing masks and adding on to it, SS501 breaking dance along with stringed instruments made a magnificent feeling.

Members said “We can greet in Korean finally after a long time. It has been 6 months. We prepared something fun so you would be dying to see it today”, sending the fans into frenzy. SS501 sang ‘OBSESS’, which is included in their mini album, for the first time in this concert. SS501 revealed during the press conference before the concert, “There have been a lot of changes to the songs included in mini album ‘REBIRTH’”

Wearing red vest, they remixed a tango version of ‘4 CHANCE’ with even more intensity. Every time they danced together with the female dancers, the shouts from fans would get even louder. ‘4 CHANCE’ rhythm made by the basic cords from keypad is catchy and drew them closer to the crowd.

Fans’ voices became the loudest during ‘Song Calling For You’ remix version. The whole song is full of sexiness and shows a rather different cuteness in them. Especially Park JungMin danced to the butt dance by KARA, who was also invited as guest of the concert on this day, and received a lot of cheering. This is probably the power of encore concert. Being seen as somewhat formal, SS501 5 men have relaxingly enjoyed their performance before they knew it.

‘AGAIN’, ‘Clumsy Confession’, ‘Because I am stupid’, etc, these songs are focused on their vocals following their dance performances. SS501’s vocals are never second to none as they have already enough experiences from their Asia Tour.

‘U R MAN’ is a song that were (activities) promoted by 3 members, KyuJong, YoungSaeng and HyungJoon. In the concert on this day, HyunJoong and JungMin also appeared, making a perfect quintet performance. Following up is ‘WASTELAND’ and ‘Only One Day’ which are songs from their mini album, displaying their high potential to be a vocal group.

‘Green Peas’ which SS501 personally wrote the lyrics of, is the biggest gift for their fans. Fans sang along for the whole of this song and experienced ‘telepathy’ with each other. Park JungMin surprised the fans when he danced to KARA’s ‘Lupin’ dance.

SS501 said their appreciation to the fans who attended the concert and sang their official concert song ‘Love Like This’, putting an end to their Asia Tour. However, in respond to the fans’ shouts of ‘501’, they sang a total of 4 songs for their encore, namely ‘SNOW PRINCE’, ‘Coward’, ‘Bye Bye’, ‘You are my heaven’.

They showed their song and performances in the encore performance of the Encore Concert, new track list songs and had an enjoyable time with their fans. Fans and SS501 sprayed water on each other and squirted water guns, playing to their hearts content. During the course, Heo YoungSaeng tore off his clothes, turning into ‘JjitYoungSaeng’ following ‘JjitJoong’.

# 6th year of debut. Each of their ability is not to be overlooked.
On this day’s concert, members’ solo performances catch the attention. In their solo performances, they showed a different side of themselves from their usual image when they are 5 together. Dressed in neat and tidy formal attire, Kim HyungJoon sang ‘Jal Jinae (live well)’, and performed for the very first time the new song ‘GIRLS’. Kim HyungJoon perfectly performed the song and dance, demonstrating the high possibility of success he will get in solo album activities.

Chosen as the ‘Member who changed the most after debut’ by the other members, Kim KyuJong had his solo performance with remix version of ‘NEVER LET YOU GO’ and ‘WUSS UP’. Kim KyuJong showed off his beautiful voice which felt quite different from the times when he is around with the other SS501 members.

Park JungMin, who turned into a vampire and showed sorrowful crying acting, sang a duet ‘If you cannot’ with KARA’s Park KyuRi. In addition, Park JungMin also sang Rainbow’s ‘KISS’ which he had written the lyrics personally, and returned as Pastel Prince. In Park JungMin’s melting voice and cute dance, fans fell in love with it at that moment.

Heo YoungSaeng’s solo performance is Seo TaiJi & Boys’s ‘Our Memories’. Heo YoungSaeng who takes the vocal role in the group, displayed his previously-suppressed rapping skills through his solo performance. His last narration, “I want to tell you who are protecting us, I love you”, made the fans give their fervent support to him. In addition, Heo YoungSaeng returned with his fabulous vocal through ‘FIND’ which he sang with live band playing for him.

Lastly came Kim HyunJoong for his solo performance, he appeared on stage in a motorbike as if he came out from the dramatic video. In the video, the scene shows Kim HyunJoong bathing, cleaning off the evidence of murder and showing his bare upper body. Kim HyunJoong gave off a powerful charm with ‘Please Be Good To Me’. Kim HyunJoong showed ‘JjitJoong’ performance once again, which he had shown it during their last concert in August.

The guest for the concert, KARA, appeared after Park JungMin’s solo performance. Wearing red and black clothes, KARA sang their new song ‘Lupin’ which has garnered popularity with ‘emergency exit dance’ and ‘halla dance’, and ‘Mister’ with their butt dance.

# SS501? We’d be disappointed if you don’t include us! ‘SS601’ together with fans
SS501 sent their love to their own fan club TRIPLE S who has waited for them for a long time. Park JungMin took up challenges in acting with ‘Life Theatre’ and under the motto of ‘Man is Business’, he became the CEO of a full-fledge shopping mall. Kim KyuJong acted in a short drama and Kim HyungJoon distinguished himself by challenging to become a pro-gamer as well as being a DJ. Kim HyunJoong filmed for the most substantial CF recently.

Park JungMin said “Look forward to YoungSaeng hyung’s image in the next album. We started exercising. We will be able to strip off in the next album.” His speech brought a lot of fans’ anticipations.

At the press conference for this Encore Concert, they also said it has been a long while since SS501 and fans get together. Continually plagued with issues such as members withdrawing in boy group recently, the reason for SS501’s existence is none other than fans. The main person in this concert is not SS501 who cried and laughed with fans, and also not just fans, it is ‘SS501 + 1 = SS601’.

Meanwhile, SS501 plans to release a new album in the early half of this year. Leader Kim HyunJoong said “We plan to release the album on ‘501 day’ which is 1-May”. Fans overcome the cold winter and embrace the memories of the last day of February which is a warm weather of the early spring, to look forward to SS501’s comeback in May.

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