Monday, March 01, 2010

【FANCAM】Park Jung Min✿Solo-Kiss✿Persona SeoulღEncoreღ

Repost with full credit

Credit: kimxiuhyun @YT
[Fancam] 100227 Jung Min Solo - KISS@SS501 Seoul Persona Encore Concert

Credit: gigi670426 @YT
100227 SS501 - Encore PERSONA Concert Park Jung Min Solo

Credit: hkkatrina @YT
20100227 SS501 Persona Encore in Seoul - Kiss (Jung Min solo)

Credit: WEOLCHEOK + DspAngels @YT
[2008.02.28] "Kiss" Fancam At SS501 Concert

Credit: SSlovechau @YT
100227 SS501 PERSONA Encore - JungMin solo (Kiss)

Credit: shyoon1230 @YT
[Fan Cam] 100227 SS501 Persona in SEOUL Encore Concert - JUNG MIN Solo 2 (KISS)

Credit:  + WWloveHJL @YT
[2010/02/28] SS501 Jung Min peform Rainbow's song "KISS" @ Persona in Seoul Encore ~ version 2

Credit: yisaya86 @YT + Double Baby
100228 persona JM - kiss.wmv


Anonymous said...

Aww, I love this song by Rainbow! Lol, Mal did a great job. Mal is so cute doing the dance moves, lol. Thanks for sharing.

圆圆동생 said...


Credit:Double Baby

Anonymous said...

i wish jm would sing more songs like these instead of just ballards. he looks so happy like this! and i think it fits his personality...

Anonymous said...

imagine ys dancing instead of jm... oh, how cute would that be!