Wednesday, March 03, 2010

[Photo] Hyung Joon @ Persona Encore Concert [2010.02.27-28] by Sweet Cotton Candy

Thanks Stalking_HJ for the tip. Here's another series of photographs of our cute Maknae by Sweet cotton candy. He is definitely sweet like cotton candies. ^^


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Maknae trying to 'bully' leader but ended up lost to leader again! ^^


Anonymous said...

baby did not succeed bullying leader..he is just so cute.
and look at leader so happy maybe that is after he gave baby his revenge. LOVE THE BROTHERLY LOVE!!

baby leader loves you that much! ^^


stalking_hj said...

Hehehe.. i love this set so much..
If u want to see fancam, how baby start bullied by leader.. You can watch this fancam.. Baby start first.. Keke he want to get leader attention lah just like usual him… And then leader will not let him go hahaha.. Haha and baby as usual would accepted leader’s bully wholeheartedly, bcoz he like it.. Kekeke.. He always would revenge when got bullied by other member.. But will accept it smiley when leader the one who did it kekeke 2hj love… <3

stalking_hj said...

^ the bullying part start from 2.40 ^^

turtle said...

I'm so envious. celebs are celebs. every angle, every position, every action they do, they all look so cute and handsome! haha. love how Leader bullies Joonie! i wonder if KiBum watched his hyung's concert.

ran said...

@turtle i think not...u-kiss has a very tight schedule lately. but if he came, haha, i can imagine him grinning seeing his hyung get bullied

turtle said...

haha, i think so too. but im glad that u-kiss got a tight schedule. cos he cant bully his hyung, he can only grin. ahahaa.

圆圆동생 said...

Kibum did went to encore...!!~~

Anonymous said...

hoho.. then i found out dbsk yoochun also went to the concert ^^
dbsk's fans are really a stalker O.O

圆圆동생 said...

@anonymous @5.47pm

Mini ufo eye become *o*, so no time to post the pic+video

Anonymous said...

@圆圆동생 : haha.. never mind, just want to info ^^
u two should take more rest, being so nice to find and compile these super nice pics and videos to us~
Million Thanks!!!! <3