Monday, March 01, 2010

【FANCAM】Park Jung Min✿Solo-If You Cannot✿Persona SeoulღEncoreღ [2010.02.27]

Repost with full credit

Credit: kimxiuhyun @YT
[Fancam] 100227 Jung Min Solo - 하면은 안돼 (with GyuRi) @SS501 Seoul Persona Encore Concert

Credit: gigi670426 @YT
100227 SS501 - Encore PERSONA Concert Park Jung Min Solo

Credit: SSlovechau @YT
100227 SS501 PERSONA Encore - JungMin solo(하면은 안돼)

Credit: shyoon1230 @YT
[Fan Cam] 100227 SS501 Persona in SEOUL Encore Concert - JUNG MIN Solo 1

Credit: + 3kimheoparkss501 @YT
[Fancam] SS501 Jung Min ft. Gyuri - "If You Cannot" Performance - ENCORE Persona Concert [10.02.27]


Anonymous said...

Omg, Gyuri's voice was soo lovely! Her and Mal makes a good duet ^_^ I love their performance! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

OMG their voices just blend each other so well! beautiful duet!

Love them together...


Paige said...

Hey which day is this one?
27-02 or 28-02?

圆圆동생 said...


Anonymous said...

I prefer Jisun over Gyuri
Gyuri is forcing her voice to hit the high pitches that Jisun made so effortlessly when she sang with Jungmin.
At one part, her voice went dangerously offkey.
I still he invited Jisun but since Kara was the guest, it was resonable.

tetsu girl said...

omg Goddess voice so beautiful!! they sound amazing together!! <3

i love Jisun ever since Loveholic, and i think the original duet was fantastic with JM's deep, rich voice paired with Jisun's high, delicate voice. ^^

Gyuri's voice is high and delicate, too, but can be powerful when it needs to be, and it shows in this very emotional song. sure, there was a bit of a waver, but even Jisun has to sometimes strain in live performances, too.

Jisun's version is wispier and sadder, while Gyuri's sounded more dramatic. :O

i really think JM and Gyuri match so well!! i hope there's more footage of this. better yet, more collaborations in the future! :D

Nee said...

Yes...Gyuri sounded dramatic...Too dramatic...especially in second refren...When she went TOTALLY off the notes...

Sorry to hear that.

Poor Mal..