Saturday, March 06, 2010

[Fanmade] ENG SUB Wing Of World shown during Persona Seoul Encore [2010.02.28]

Thanks Marydewitt for Tips

Repost with full Credit

Credit: Translation: littlelover@KHJ Int'l Forum. Subtitle: ltstrau @YT
[Eng Sub] Fanvid Message to SS501 @ Encore Concert - "Wings of the World"

Credit: Harleyhns @YT + Daum
Wing of the world - SS501 Union fandom video event 6 min video ver.


Karren168 said...

This is such a nice video... it shows the strong bond among SS501 men and the unconditional love & support of Triple S around the globe ever since SS501 started...

DannyDan02 said...

aaawww!! now I understand why they cried!!! such a lovely video!!!

ss501hwaiting said...

OMG!!! I cried!!! no wonder the oppa's were touch! such a nice video, that really shows how much we,TripleS. LOVE them!!! Everything that were said on the video are so RIGHT!!

SS501 are my life! My stars, heaven, galaxy, universe!!! My life became brighter, full of love, happier, and feelings that can't explain by words 'cause there's no words to describe how much SS501 makes me feel! I just know it's more than wonderful!! SS501 oppa's thank you for coming to my life! Thank you for letting me be a part of your life! Thank you for loving me, TripleS, endlessly! Thank you for making me,TripleS, feel appreciated and loved! Thank you for loving me, TripleS, more than just a fans, but as your family!

SS501 oppa's we, TripleS, will always love you!
501 sec in 1 minute, 501 minutes in an hour, 501 days in a week, 501 weeks in a month, 501 months in a year, and for the rest of our life!!!! Saranghae!!!