Saturday, February 27, 2010

[Photo] SS501 @ Persona Bangkok Encore [2010.02.13] by Crazy501 Part 16

Finally, this is really the final. At last, haha, I think my fingers are numbed by all the double click actions.

I think I did shared before that I love the encore part of all Persona Concert. Though was a little bit sad that it was ending soon, but looking at them enjoying and playing with the water guns and also picking up gifts from fans, every second was simply 'priceless'.


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What's the secret they are whispering?

Kyu: Spare me CEO Park.... I surrender.....
CEO Park: Wahahahahaha..... You cannot win me!

Completely drench after the water attacked!


Anonymous said...

LOLLL!! Jung Min and Kyu Jong is sooo cutee. LOL, love the water fight =]

Anonymous said...

They're so cute playing with water guns.
Wonder what HJL and JM was talking about. HJL's hand is sooooo white and pretty in that picture.

tetsu girl said...

kyaa~ adorable, playful, wet XD, cute, fun KyuMin!! so much love. <3 :D

once again, thank you for sacrificing your finger's well-being in order to show us these HUNDREDS of photos! i cannot thank you enough. *hug*