Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[News][2010.02.24] SS501 & SNSD idol group concert competition

Wish SS501 concert will be a big success!


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[News][2010.02.24] SS501 & SNSD idol group concert competition

This weekend (27 & 28th), idol groups concert competition will unfold in Seoul Olympic Park.

By then, popular girl group SNSD and idol group representative SS501 will held their Concerts during these 2 days at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium and Gymnastics respectively. Scheduled on same timing and nearby location, the competition of the Korea Boys and Girls group representatives, attracted the eye balls of many.

SNSD released their 2nd album 'Oh!' in January this year, engulfing the entire music circle, and is leading in the music circle. Since last year, SS501 started their Asia Tour Concert activities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other Asia countries, strengthening their hallyu star position and image, after these concert, they are even more active. Therefore it is expected to be an intense competition.

Both SNSD and SS501's concert this time mark the beginning and ending of hallyu wave, each bringing a significant meaning.

This concert will be a starting point for SNSD to officially advance to the Asia market, holding their Asia Tour Concert in various Asia countries.

On 23 February, SNSD Management company SM Entertainment revealed: "In order to thank the passion of their fans from last year's first solo concert, we have prepare this concert with extra elements. Expects to see the members showing their personal charm on stage."

As for SS501, this concert will be an end for their Persona Asia Tour which began since last yr end. Thanks to the popularity of Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong who acted in KBS2TV 'Boys over Flower', SS501 increase their status and image in Asia region. This concert will present a final ending of the Asia Tour Concert to their Korean fans. Few hundreds of oversea fans have also travelled to Seoul to watch their concert.

SS501 management company DSP said: "While concentrating on Asia activity, more or less we would neglect the local fans. They have prepared some surprised activities to thank their fans' unwavering love.


♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

=O Competition....Hope Our Boys will WIN...xDD
Sure will be A GREAT CONCERT.

turtle said...

actually i don think there will be competition. the girls will go for ss501's concert and the guys will go for SNSD's concert. haha.


Anonymous said...

Hope SS501 concert will be a big success!^^

19frantze said...

good luck to the boys...although i do believe it will be a huge sucess,as always...really wish i could go to their concert,even once in my life :(

well...i'll just have to wait for the fancams nd excited :))

ss501 fighting!!

Anonymous said...

SS501 Deabak!! Aja aja Fighting!!

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt even bother going snsd's concert..i would just go SS501!!!
hoping them to have a sucessful concert to end their asia tour!
i hope they will think of a world tour i want them to come to uk :)
SS501 fighting~

lemontea said...

I hope them get the BIG HUGE succesful for the beautiful end of asia tour concert and waiting to see the great performance & smile full of happiness from them too ^^

SS501 Hwaiting!!

Anonymous said...

I still think that SS501 concert will be huge success!!!!!
my friend said that the arena for SS501 is 2x bigger than SNSD

Jenna said...

it is really annoying of SM trying to put their concert at the same time with SS501. this not of the same topic but SM is really bad. they will also try to compete with Kara dark concept ending SNSD cutesy OH concept & will go in March with black Soshi. SM is very greedy. anyway their artists are friends with DSP artists.
SS501 fighting. they will be guys that will go to SS501 concert too because of Kara and our Men have guys following too. Do you think Jaejoong & Micky will watch bec Hyunjoong watched DBSK Miriotic Seoul concert.

Anonymous said...

Hoho.. i agree with ur comment, Jenna..
I do hope their concert will be a BIG success. Yesterday i watched Hyungjun in MBC Game Ep 5, although i dont understand most of what they said, but i saw Maknae wrote the invitations to invite MBC programers & couch to watch SS501 encore concert ^^ also Boxer,Bisu,Oov.
Hope to see all of them attend and cheer up for the boys too~

Anonymous said...

wah.. me too dont even bother about snsd. hahah..

luv ss501 so much!

hope they succes ^_^

Anonymous said...

OMGGG, I soo agree with Jenna! SS501's concert is going to be a success like all their others of course! AHH, I wish I can be there T_T SS501 FIGHTINGGGG <33333