Saturday, February 20, 2010

[Photo] SS501 @ OnStyle 'Style Magazine 2010 [2010.02.19]

Thanks LHL again for providing me these screen caps from OnStyle 'Style Magazine 2010'. Kumawoyo!


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Alexis said...

Hi may I know if this is a program that will be aired? It looks like the boys in BKK!!

Many thanks!!

stalking_hj said...

Found this in yt today. I think this is a treat for wasteland lover who longing for wasteland dance/perf.
Maybe bcoz there is many wasteland lover, so sumone try to choreograph wasteland dance with vdo animation.
Its cool. For some part, the dance sequence is late some per scond bcoz the editing, but overall is cool, i think it still really good for wasteland lover. Maybe before we see the real wasteland dance, we can imagine wasteland dance like this. *sob*
I hope we can see the real wasteland perf in encore!

圆圆동생 said...

@ Alexis

the dance look cool ^.^

Alexis said...

AH!! Many thanks!! Baby is so cute!!