Saturday, February 20, 2010

【FAN ACCOUNT】 圆圆동생 ✿Press Conferance✿Persona In BangKok ღ2010.02.12ღ


Specially Thanks to my dear friend for the additional information
I had known for 8yrs, we like the same idols group 8yrs back
and we got into contact again last yr just b4 i went tw for the persona concert
she recognise my nick through a forum since i m using the same nick 8yrs back ^^v
SS501 had brought us back and now we went BBK to watch concert tgt, WAHAHAAAAA FATE...!!~~

Press Conferance 2010.02.12

Reached Siam paragon at ard 12pm, collected my S2 standing tickets and went to check out the Press Conference venue and took a picture of the layout to MMS UFO. There were some barricade in place to separate the invited Guest (got chair but no shelter) and fans area which were both empty at that time(2 fans section). Fans were already waiting under the hot scorching sun, taking up the 1st 3rows outside the barricade when I reached. However, most of them had their umbrella to block the sun and were seated on the burning floor ><"

Went to eat lunch with friend, did some window shopping, but my heart was already with the boys~ Persevere and continued to walk a few floors and decided to queue up under the hot sun. We managed to find a spot closer to the right of the stage, still in the 3rd row. It was around 2pm at that time.

After sitting on the floor for sometime, the gate on left opened and the fans rushed in.We looked to our right, there wasn’t any movement at all ><" By the time we ran to the left it was already crowded. After which the right gate was opened too

we ran back to the right and managed to push through the crowd
well~~ in between the 2 fans section, the middle part is blocked + there are booth open by the we ended with a smaller area to stand and got the 6th rows T.T~ time was ard 3pm

we had to wait for another 2hrs to see the boys. BBK is as hot as SG~~ (I reckon slightly warmer and drier) it had been so long ever since i stood under the sun. only during my sch time i will have to be forced to stand under the sun, otherwise i will find shelter to rest..but this time diff, i have no choice but to wait...!!

time was close to 4pm,suddenly everyone stand up and quickly everyone rush in front and get a good spot. The fans were pushing forward, trying to get to the front.. it was only 4pm and we had to endure this position with everyone next to you perspiring....!!~~~~~ how i hope i could go back hotel n bathe O.O

after much waiting... perspiring all over my body, makeup melted
hair messy(well at tht situation(place constraint), it is impossible to take out my comb to tie my hair, there will bound to be at least 20pairs of eyes watching me if i do tht)

finally it was slightly past 5pm, the boys came out, the fans went crazy screaming so loudly. Their scream was deafening (or rather just that 1 school girl beside me)And they were pushing and trying to squeeze to the front, I had to move with the flow to be pushed to the front as well by those at the back. Those who were in front were pushed back.

We could not even stand still on the spot and had to keep moving front and back. Imagine yourself on a ship which had met with a heavy storm, travelling on the choppy waters. That was the situation we were in. I was holding my camera and had to tip-toe to see the boys... lucky YS is standing on the right side of the stage, i would hardly see JM and Kyu. most of the time my eye is on YS.

i can see his curly hair and fatty cheeks... and of course the boys were donned in white suit.. took a photo of the boys and sent to ufo. it is so hard to take photo under that situation...
moved 2 steps forward and the next moment you had tomove 2steps back throughout the whole press con =.="

i just had to do non-stop snapping, hoping to get some clear pic...!!~~ but end up ><"" and my friends were no longer around me, they got pushed and met with the same storm as me. In the end, they had decided to give up their spot and went to the back

and i did not realise that my friends were not with me as they want to move to the left side to see JM and KJ, i thought she had successfully move to her spot.only after the press con then i found them and they told me that the auntie in front was scolding them and they could not tolerate the heavy storm and had decided to alight the ship.

oh~ well.. even if those aunties are scolding, they should know it was not their fault for the pushing...they were merely following the storm wave only. moreover, we dun udns thai, they can't udns wat they scold...!!~~~ but my friends did the right choice to move to the back, as there are more space and got some nice photo

we left the place back to the hotel to get some refreshment before going off our next destination for dinner.on the way back to hotel and inside the room, we are discussing abt the press con "wave"
tinking that the boys might be laughing and pointing due to the wave created on the fans area. we were in the taxi and viewing the photo and adding own narrator on the photo. specially those photo of leader pointing something to kyu and kyu pass the msg to JM and point to JM, then 3ppl are laughing tgt

i think we got darker due to the sun...!!~~~

Photo taken by eeyore & me during the Press Conferance
Words added by me for fun, dun treat it too serious...!!!~~~~
PS: sry for the size of the photo..... did not take note of the size and i lazy to re-edit


Mini UFO said...

Mini UFO: Saengie, you too heavy already.... my UFO can't fetch u anymore. Eat less curry please...

LOL~ My UFO is joining the wave to while reading~~~~~~~~

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ahhh....Feel like Im nw in the story. =X
Weee....I Love the Photos and the Little Conversation....hahaha...CUTE!!!

turtle said...

Did u bring curry for him??? haha. i bet he smelled curry and look at u! CFM PLUS CHOP PLUS STAMP PLUS GUARANTEE he look at u!! hahaha.

圆圆동생 said...

I brought Curry, but got conficasted at BKK immigration


trippi said...

haha! the captions made me ROFL.

saengie, i dont mind the chubbyness. as long as you're healthy its fine! :D

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YS is very cute, I turn to be his fan after concert. ^ ^

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aigoooooo.... the photo captions soooo... cute!

thanks for sharing *.*

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You guys are hilarious ^ ^

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Leader, Kyu Jong and Jung Min looks really attractive with their smile & laugh.

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hahahaa.. ur captions are so cute n funny XD

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LOL...your captions are really funny. I wonder what makes JM, Kyu and HJL laugh so happily.

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Lol thanks for the cute story :)

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ahahhah ! The story is so cuteee ! Thanks for the caption. I enjoyed the captions :)

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bwahahahahahaha!! sooo funny!! XDDD i loved "YS: biggest bouquet, for me!" and "JM: finally we are married!" (i thought JM & KJ looked married, too! LOL) and "HJB: take cover!" ROFL! great job, girls!