Wednesday, February 17, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Persona Concert Encore [2010.02.13] by Biondie (Part 7)

Final Part of Biondie Series, also taken during encore time. Biondie has also captured the scene when Hyun Joong 'watering' Hyung Jun. If you notice, most of the time Hyun Joong has more than one water bottle on his hands! Really can't stand him! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

P/S: One more part to go actually.... haha.... GIF animation of Hyun Joong in action!

P/P/S: A lot of you are curious of the yellow band that was wore by the boys. I asked Mel about this.

According to her, the yellow band is a symbol which the Thai wore to show their love to their King. The money received from the purchase of the band, will be donated to the King's Fund, which was donated to the poor or red cross or other organizer, to help those in need. Some company will produce the King band to sell and the proceed will be donated in the name of the King to help the needy Thai people. She mentioned that SS501 wear it to show their respect to the King. Actually SS501 had been wearing this band since their previous visit to Thailand.

Thanks Y for sharing, for you information, on the band it was written: "Long Live the King"


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Mel~ I know you will be overjoyed to see this! ^_~

The sexy & seducing wet back~ =P

Romantic scene for Pre Valentine Day~

LOL! So funny!

Looked at the water bottles he held on his hands!!!
He was planning to water somebody!

The victim = Maknae
And our 5C Prince seem to enjoy watching it. kekeke


BLo_oM Li_oN said...

never get tired seeing his smile :)

How i wish I could go to encore concert !


Nica said...

love the pictures..keep it coming!

he looks exceptionally happy!

good to see that!

and did you guys noticed the rubber bracelet leader is wearing? the orange one. do any of you know if that has a meaning or something. just curious!

Anonymous said...

hahaa.. Maknae always been Leader's toy ^^
@Nica : yup, i notice too the orange rubber bracelet, but not only leader wore it, hyung jun & jung min also have it on hand. Maybe those are gift from fans that they received when they were at bkk airport.

Anonymous said...

Naughty leader...but still charming as ever.

sha filan said...

although fans been districted to bring any dslr cams to the concert..but someone manage to sneak it in!!! hahaha
i love alll the photos!!!!!!
clear,big and sharp!
looking 4ward for more!!

as for the bracelet, i read at, it's actually a sponsor bracelet,specifically represent for the thai's king...u may read it further at the blog...hehe

helen from vancouver said...

Thanks for the explanation of that yellow band. I was wondering what that means in the beginning, but now I got it. Hyun Joong seemed very happy and naughty at the concert. I am really looking forward to seeing more of our leader's news.

Nica said...

@anonymnous yes i looked agin at other photos and i saw the other members wearing it..

@UFO thanks for taking time to find the answer! and of course mel for the information now i know what it means..SS501 is doing a good deed! ^^

oh yeah leader's good deed to Nan was written in Star News

thanks again!!

圆圆동생 said...!!~~~

Y said...

Thanks for all the nice, clear, and close up pictures of Leaders. He looks so nice and naughty ^^ Never get tire of looking at his pictures. Keep them coming ^_^

By the way, I believe the bracelet said "Long Live the King". It was nice to see the boys wore them, but I didn't know it was sponsored.

Mini UFO said...

Actually Mel said it MIGHT BE sponsored, not sure about it. To avoid misunderstand, I take away the claused that it was sponsored. Thanks for sharing text on the band Y. And also thanks for doing all the translation for all the videos!

Mini UFO said...


The news on star news was similar to what I have translated here->

Janics Chong said...

I can ever get tired seeing all these pictures even dunno how many gazillion times. Leader and his killer smile melts his fans heart again.

Look like our leader is getting younger and younger. I really hope that I was there during the concert T.T

Y said...

Mini UFO,

It doesn't matter to me whether it was sponsored or not. You don't have to worry about the misunderstanding. It's no big deal. I don't think any Thai people would mind either even if it was sponsored since it's for a good cause. The boys look lovely in everything they wear anyway ^_^

And you're welcome about the translation. I can only help with the Thai stuff. Since I don't understand Korean or Chinese, I have been reading a lot of translations you have posted too. So Thanks a lot for posting ^^

I don't know if you want a translation for the other video or not since it seems like old news already. The "3 for U" one that come in two parts. This is the one that Mel already shared part of the translation that Leader got Lasik done. If you want the translation, let me know.

Mini UFO said...

Hi Y,

Thanks for offering to translate. If you are free to translate the '3 For U' full video it will be great. I am sure a lot of us were curious to know what they say in the video. But just do it if you are free ok. Not a must. ^^

Anonymous said...

may i ask,
what is 5C stands for?
seems i'm so late about this..

Dav. said...

Love his smile. Simply cuteee on these photos. So glad to see him smile happily. Save, save...many many pics. Thanks for sharing bondie and cagali!

Anonymous said...

Leader looks sooooooo handsome! His smile just melts my heart away ^_^ Love these photos, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures! So nice and clear. Leader is getting younger, and prettier everyday. Lol!

Anonymous said...

The cameras LOVE Leader so much...he is so handsome, cute playful and happy in all the pictures..specially like like all the pictures of KHJ by Biondie, Murdereq and Ahlia...thanks so much for shring your leader so much..looking forward to his drama...i know it will be a huge success..go go fighting