Sunday, August 29, 2010

[Video] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun arrival @ Singapore (2010.08.28)

Hi everybody~ Do u miss me? keke..... I am back~~~ (for a moment only~~~ =P)

Just to share with you some video of wuri Maknae Hyung Jun arrival in Singapore today taken by Yuanyuan & me. ^o^

Credit: 圆圆동생 @ SS501UFO
Please repost with full credit

Credit: SS501UFO
Please repost with full credit


myoce said...

OH wow, you're back !
Have missed you, miniUFO...
Glad to see you in your blog again.
Have a great weekend,

Mini UFO said...

Keke~~~~ Glad to 'see' u too~~~~

Jazryn said...

mini UFO!! im so happy you're back!! i do miss you so~~! thanks for updating!! ^^

Anonymous said...

wow!!! u r coming back!! welcome back!! miss u!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Really really really miSS you.......... welcome back honey.... ^^

chaez said...

woah! you are back!! i miss you!

though i've updated myself from other SS501 blogs, you are still my favorite blogger! XDD

anyway, welcome back! ^o^

ps: now i've made a blog too^^

ivy said...

Glad u are back!!!

Hey,i aslo went for fanmeeting n saw the flower stand send by u and others

啊~~ 为什么没有看到你... we should contact.. actually saw many friends uploading pix and vids.. who like been known for long time in internet....

Anonymous said...

he3...i came here again,after seeing your 'gift' picture from other blog.

even you'll be here for just a short time,i still feel so happy seeing you again^_^

blury said...

u're back!!! :D