Monday, August 30, 2010

[Fan Account] Hyung Jun Showcase (P1)

I am back..... from the Showcase + Meet-and-Greet session. It was a fun and eventful day! Glad to be able to see wuri Maknae Hyung Jun perform live with my own eyes. ^o^

It was raining since morning.... well.... our Rain Prince was here in Singapore, of course he will bring along the rain over here also.... ^o^ It was so sunny yesterday......

Anyway, reached Republic Polytechnic TRCC Theatre around 1.30pm. There's already quite some TripleS around there. Looking around and saw the flower baskets that we have sent to Hyung Jun. There's a total of 6 flower stands and 2 flower baskets sent to him from various fanclubs and TripleS.

Around 2.15pm, a queue started to form for the lucky draw for the green & pink category tickets for special chance to take photo with Hyung Jun. The queue was extremely long.... From time to time, you will hear screams from TripleS who won the photo taking chance. ^o^

At around 2.45pm, the organizer opened the door to go in the theater. They need to check on everybody's bag so it took some time to admit all. At the same time, the photo taking session was conducted  backstage. In the theater hall, everybody was taking photograph around the simple stage with only a  huge poster of HyungJun with the title of the event and also 4 standing posters. The various fanclubs also started to hang up their posters. I saw posters from SGTripleS, Quainte501, Pretty Boy (Korea Fanclub), and TripleS Indonesia.

The whole show only started at around 3.30pm when host for today is Ms Lim Pei Fen, a radio DJ for FM93.3. Everybody started to scream.... AHHHHHHHH...... thinking that Hyung Jun was going to come out soon, but well, it's not time yet! She started of by drawing 20 fans for the game sessions. There's a lot of screaming now and then when the names was drawn, there's even more screams when quite a number of the lucky TripleS selected were from the Blue category. Kekeke..... so lucky right, they only pay $50 and yet were lucky to get a chance to have close contact with Hyung Jun. A lot of them were screaming to  Pei Fen to pick some from the red or pink categories also. She tried and managed to draw some from the Red category. ^o^

At the same time, the staff started to shift TripleS from the Blue category forward to the empty space at the Green category. Before shifting, Green category was only like 10% sold. Guess it doesn't look good so they decided to shift the Blue category forward!

Before shifting

After shifting

After this, the moment which everybody has waited for very long finally arrived. Pei Fen mentioned that Hyung Jun will bring us the first song for the showcase, Girls. The lights were dim off and the music started to play, everybody SCREAMED and it was really deaftening!!! Hyung Jun appeared , dress in full white  (like a prince ^o^) and started to sing and dance to the music. The atmosphere was really high, everybody was screaming non-stop, especially when he did some sexy or nice dance steps. ^o^

Half way through the song, I suddenly realized that I ACTUALLY DIDN'T PRESSED the record button of my camera. o.O""""" Therefore, I only manage to record then 2nd half part of the song. T____T I am really sorry everybody... but I guess you can get really nice fancams from other TripleS. It seems like everybody was equipped with either a camera or video cam on-hand today. Saw a lot of Pro-cameras around also. Thanks Warner Singapore for allowing us to take photo and video of the entire event. It was very memorable when replaying and reviewing those videos and photographs after the entire event.

Ahhh.... My fan account was getting longer and longer... it was getting late... I shall continue again P2 tomorrow. In the meantime, I have uploaded some video clips I recorded in SS501MiniUFO youtube channel. Please pardon me for the short video clips, I REA~LLY pressed the record button all the time but don't know why it doesn't start recording. And I did felt stupid for holding the camera all the time for nothing. So malu..... *blush*


Anonymous said...

WOW! You're back! Very happy to see you again!! Thank you very much for your sharing!
Although I couldn't go to the fanmeeting, with your fan account I can feel the happiness there.

bb said...

hehe, i had to rub my eyes to make sure i wasn't reading the wrong URL... did cagali just blog? *rubs eyes again*

thanks for sharing! definitely looking forward to part 2^^

Mini UFO said...

Kekeke.... Unnie ah~~~ Me just want to record down my first most live experience with wuri SS501 members, even though iz just wuri Maknae Hyung Jun only. ^o^

Well, also share share a bit with those that didn't go to the fan meeting...

But hor.... seems like I'm having difficulties remembering the sequence. Haha~~

Hope u don feel bored reading the long-winded fan account...

Anonymous said...

can't believe it! YOU'RE BACK!!! I just read from other blogs and checked it!!!
thanks a lot!!!

Mini_Jun said...

i'm so glad that my idol is back!
welcome back Cagali and thank you so much for sharing..

actually i got worried and was thinking what happened to you when i saw that you had stopped blogging "over there"..

but i'm so gald to see you back here again!

glad that you enjoyed the day with Baby and please take good care always! ^^


ivy said...

alr.. really glad to see u updating..

saw tweets from friends and rush here to see..

Ask a question, can the fan account be repost?

if yes.. i will repost it to 初心(亨俊的后援会,是一个慢慢在建立中的站)

also may be in baidu...


ps:are u going to airport tonight?

marydewitt said...

Welcome Back miniUFO!!! Sharing with those who could not make it to the showcase. here goes (12parts):

I could not share the Game 2 video as I was laughing too much...

janjan said...

Gosh, you're back! we miss you!

yas said...

hi, finally your back~
I'm tearing reading this happily
welcome back!!
thanks for sharing

LHL said...