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[Fan Account] Hyung Jun Showcase (P2)

Guess a lot of you must have watched most of the fancams by now. I wonder if the fanaccount is still necessary. =P
Lazy me... hahaha.... ok ok .... will try to complete it... haha


Credit: SS501UFO
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Maybe before I go further, let me do a listing of the order of program for the day. I hope I didn't remember it wrongly, please correct me if I am wrong ok.

1. Song 1 - Girls
2. Short interview session 1
3. Game 1 - True/False personality test with 10 TripleS
4. Song 2 - Men from Mars, Women from Venus
5. Short interview session 2
6. Game 2 - Portrait drawing for 5 fans
7. Game 3 - Dipi dipi dip game (Korean version of 'Scissors, paper, stone')
8. Special video by SGTS
9. TS Sing Birthday Song (Eng & Korean) + SGTS CM gave present to Hyung Jun
10. Hyung Jun's Thank You Speech for Singapore TripleS
11. Final Song 3 - I Am


After singing 'Girls', Pei Fen and the translator came out and did a short interview with him. The funny part is Pei Fen said she will try to keep a distance from HyungJun else TS will jealous, the translator translated that to him, upon hearing him, he draged her closer to him, which brought along loud screams frm all the TripleS. Kekeke..... HyungJun ah~ u are not doing any good to her ne... Are you trying to make her to get Anti by all your fans? Kekeke.... during the short interview, HyungJun mentioned that Singapore is HOT and he had tried pepper crab and he want to eat chili crab everyday. kekeke....

After the interview session, Pei Fen requested TripleS which were selected previously during the lucky draw and was given a red stickers to come up stage to play game with HyungJun. For this game, 10 selected TripleS would be participated in this game. However, only 9 TripleS went up stage, Hyung Jun said he will choose himself...

He couldn't decide on which, so Pei Fen asked whether the organizer still kept the lucky draw tickets, seems like they don't have it, so she suggested that he choose 1. Hyung Jun started to look around to pick fans from down stage, everybody was frantically trying to get his attention to be selected by him. Then he did something very drastic!! He actually jumped down the stage!!!! Wow! I was so worried for him, won't he be grabbed by all the TripleS around there..... The organizer appeared at the right moment with the lucky draw box for him to draw a lucky TS.... Well, I guess this TS was most lucky because she was the only person whom was solely picked by Hyung Jun out of the 20 lucky TripleS who was selected up stage to play game. The screams was really deaftening... haha.... Maknae ah~~~ I know u r eager to see your beautiful TripleS... but don't do it without your manager around to protect u ok....

After all the commotion, he went upstage and the game started. It was a game to test TripleS knowledge of him. Pei Fen would read some facts about HyungJun and then they had to stand on the side 'O' and 'X' for correct or wrong answer respectively. Those that get it wrong will be disqualified. For the first few questions, all of them got it right, HyungJun was very happy that TripleS understand him so much.

These are some of the facts tested: His favourite colour is white (X). He has 2 dogs (X). His favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate (X). His blood type is B (X). His waist is 30inches (O). His dreams is to be a fire fighter when he was young (X). He is a right-hander (O).

Sometimes when all the TripleS were standing at the same location, he will try to trick them by doing the come... come to me gesture.... He was so cute~~~ Although I was not selected to be on stage but sitting down there watching his actions and gestures was totally enjoyable! After few questions, 4 TripleS were disqualified. Before going down stage, they were given a gift personally by him and he shake hand with them. So sweet of him... You can see that he felt sorry for them....

For the later part, most of them got the question right and nobody was disqualified. The funniest part was during when the fact about his waist is 30inches. To verify the answer, Pei Fen asked him, what is his waist size, he answered 'I am so sleepy'... hahaha.... Maknae, are you shy to tell the host your waist size? Then she asked him to show us his waist to determine it, he then turned to his back and pulling his shirt tight to show us his slim waist. ^o^ Getting a lotsa screams again from downstage.

Well, when the game ended and those remaining still get the answers correct. Pei Fen told him since they knew him so well, he should reward them by giving them some reward. Guess what's the reward he gave them? He went over and gave each of them a HUG!!!!! ^o^ While hugging them he exclaimed... Good Job... Perfect... Oh Genius... You are so pretty... and the last person, I guess he used up all the description in his dictionary... and he said 'you are so handsome'!!!! hahahaha.... but I must comment that he can speak English quite well, most of the time he could answer the host in English in some short and simple sentences spontaneously and his pronunciation was quite accurate too. Guess he must had done some studies before coming over to Singapore.

=X Seems like I'm progressing this in turtle speed and I'm getting very long-winded..... and I see fancams out already.... guess I will only touch on some highlights after this else I will bored u to death since most could be watched on fancams.

Next up.... the highlight of the day.... Song 2... to be continued again since I need to verify some detail fan-account from my dongsaeng. ^o^


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