Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[Diary] Jung Min: This is JungMin~!^^ 2010-08-10 AM 10:02:13

Credits : SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

[Jung Min] This is JungMin~!^^ 2010-08-10 AM 10:02:13

Hello ~ ^^ This is JungMin~!
I am writing a message again after such a long time~~!

Is everyone of our Triple S good?
Weather is hot~ Pours of rain too…!
Students had their school holidays, those who are working have their summer holiday~~
I am curious if everything went well..!!

I am always fine/living well~
I am in the maintenance mode these days~~ My body is in good health, heart is feeling bright~!!
I will upload a verification shot (photo) that I have become a handsome guy..!^^*

Hm… The reason for me writing this message today is
Because that I had promised the previous time..!
That if I sign a contract, I will be the first person to say it to you.

I was troubled, and discussed again to make the decision.

I will be coming up afresh as ‘Park JungMin’ in ‘SS501’
(Of course, I am always ‘SS501’s JungMin’..! JungMin in SS501!)!

The company that I will be working with this time is called CNR MEDIA,
It is made up of Taiwan’s ‘Comic-ritz’ and
Local (Korea) company ‘ROY MEDIA’.

Though there are many worries and nervousness.
Please give lots of strength to JungMin who is taking his first step now..!
In the future, I will work harder and make progress. ^^

I will greet you soon with the handsome guy verification shot~~!! Ajajat.. ^^


Original Korean Message:

[정민] 정민입니다~!^^ 2010-08-10 오전 10:02:13

안녕하세요~^^ 정민입니당~!

이렇게 또 오래간만에 글을 쓰게되네요~~!

울 Triple S 여러분들은 잘 지내나요?

날씨도 덥고~ 간간히 비도 쏟아지고...!

학생분들은 방학도 했을테고, 직장인 분들은 여름휴가 기간일텐데~~

잘 다녀오셨는지도 궁금하네요..!!

저는 항상 잘 지내고 있습니다~

요즘엔 관리모드예요~~ 몸두 건강히 하고, 마음도 밝게 ~!!

어여 멋쟁이가 되서 인증샷올릴께요..!^^*

음... 오늘 제가 이렇게 글을 쓰는 이유는

지난 번에 약속했었으니까..!

계약을 하게 된다면 제일 먼저 말씀드리겠다고.

많이 고민하고, 또 상의하여 결정했습니다.

이제 새롭게

'SS501'에서 '박정민'이라는 이름으로 다가서려 합니다.

(물론 전 언제나 'SS501의 정민'이구요..! 정민 in SS501!)!

제가 이번에 같이 일을 하게 된 회사는 CNR MEDIA 이라는 곳이고,

대만의 '코믹리츠(Comic-ritz)와

국내 회사 "ROY MEDIA'가 함께 만든 곳입니다.

많이 걱정되고 긴장도 되지만.

이제 첫걸음을 내딛는 정민이에게 많이 힘이 되어주세요..!

앞으로 더 열심히 노력하고 또 발전하겠습니다.^^

조만간 멋쟁이 인증샷으로 인사드릴께요~~!! 아자잣..^^

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