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[Fan Account] Hyung Jun Showcase (P3)

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Credit: SS501UFO
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Song 2 - Men from Mars, Women from Venus
Remember previously I told u the next part will be the highlight of the day, well, this is because this is the part which make a lot of people happy~~~~ since.... THEY GOTTA SHAKE HIS HAND and see him upclosed! ^o^V

When the 1st game ended, PeiFen mentioned that Hyung Jun would need to go to preparation for the next song and he will sing 'Men from Mars, Women from Venus'. Everybody was very excited, and anticipating for his appearance, and PeiFen told us to scream as loud as we could to get him on stage. Everybody scream in their loudest voice and then the music started to play, but he didn't came up stage, and then...... my dongsaeng saw some TS turning back, so she also turned back to look, there she saw his fat manager trying to bend down to hide but cannot bend down, kekeke... so she knows HyungJun was going to appear from behind. It just happened in split seconds, then HyungJun came walking down the aisle, she quickly grab my arm to ask me to look behind. ^o^

SCRREEAAAMMMMM..... heee... iz not me screaming ok... iz from the audience around... I don't know what I was thinking at that moment, I was actually filming him... kekeke.... those people around me were busy shaking his hand. Kekeke..... by then when I had realized it.... I didn't managed to shake his hands. hahahahaha..... just like to comment that his manager although he put his hands out to prevent fans from getting to near him, he was not rude to fans. Well, he had to do that else Hyung Jun might be hurt right? Well, I mentioned that I am filming him right? But why I didn't share the video... well.... due to the pushing and shoving around, the video was very terribly taken, I have decided not to share it. So sorry about it.

Anyway, Hyung Jun made his way all the way from top to down and then walked through the pink category and then towards the red category portion. It was total chaos when he was reaching near to the stage, because by then everybody already started to crowd around wanting the shake his hand, luckily the human wall made by his managers + staff help to shield him from the surrounding fans.  Along the way, while singing, he still tried shaking his hands with TS around him, you can see that this was something he wanted to do, to shake hand with us, to get close to us, because he didn't hasten his foot steps but going through the  entire route slowly.

He went up stage and continued to sing the song and gesturing us to wave along with music. He also knew how to bring up the atmosphere by saying: "Say HI.... Say HO..... Everybody SCREAM!!!!" ^o^ At certain part, he even kneel down near the edge of the stage and looked at TripleS sitting at the red category. ^o^ Was anybody charmed by him? =P

Game 2 - Drawing TS portraits
Next, was a short interview with PeiFen. HyungJun mentioned that Singapore's night view is beautiful and he wished to stay here. 5 lucky TripleS was selected to have their portrait drawn by him for the next game! Hyung Jun mentioned that he is a good swimmer and he was in the school swimming team when he was in Primary school. He spontaneously started to show the swimming action. Kekeke.... Baby... you are so cute~~~ Then PeiFen asked whether he was good in art. To that he showed a troubled face and heave a loud sigh... "Ah.... so hard...!" That made everybody laugh non-stop! He mentioned also he always draw cars as he loves driving and his puppy Choco... ^o^

Then it started off with the first portrait drawing. At first, HyungJun tried to act cool and said: "Wait a minute....", then next, he turned his face to us and showed a 'very difficult' face... hahahaha..... baby ah.... it must be a trivial task for you right?

When he was about to start drawing, he suddenly remembered something and turned around to walk towards the back stage, all of us were puzzled by his action.  He returned carrying a chair??? PeiFen asked whether he needed a chair for himself, instead, he brought the chair to the girl.... Awww..... baby.... You are so sweeeet.... ^o^ then he walked back to the back stage again to take another chair out for himself.  Like it cos he didn't show his superstar image by commanding people around him to take chairs for him but  instead took the chairs himself....

He sat down, adjusted the drawing board, acting all pro.... then he turned back and show that 'so difficult' face again.... hahahaha..... He was so cute~~~ before he drew, he apologized to the girl if he doesn't draw well. Then he started to draw, from time to time, he would laugh at himself for not drawing well and also turned back to the audience trying to show his pouting face. hahaha.... I guess a lot of us must have enjoyed this session a lot because of his cute gestures throughout the drawing session. After drawing, he asked the girl her name and he wrote his name and sign on it. The drawing was presented to the girl and he put his hands on her shoulder to take a picture with her.... Awww.... I guess that girl must be on cloud nine already ^o^

As he started to draw more and more, he got more confidence and started to talk more, he would exclaimed now and then, "I am an artist" heeee.... and to one of the girl, when he hand over the photo to her, he told her "$10 please" causing an uproar from the audience.... and he also commented during drawing to the girls "You are so sexy" "Your eyes are pretty" ^o^ I guess by then their hearts were already melted by his sweet words, no matter what he drawn will be 'pretties' in their eyes. ^o^

While he was drawing, I was thinking, it would be even more fun, if the other 4 members were around. They would definitely laugh at each others and bickering about whether whose drawing were better.... Well.... guess we have to wait for the day to come again~~~~

For the last girl, he told her that it will cost $100, from downstage, some TS shouted to him: "비싸요!!! 깎아 주세요~" (bissayo!!! ggakka juseyo!!! which means Expensive!! Please give a discount!!!). Upon listening that, he shouted back: "NOOOO!!!!", making everybody laugh.... Well, wuri Maknae HyungJun is an artist with great dignity ok! Haha ^o^

After he completed drawing her face, he added in match-stick figures for the body. This has caused an uproar to all the audience. And he proudly showed the drawing to us, hahahahhaaa..... everybody started to laugh non-stop....  That's the most special drawing that he had drawn among the rest which he only drew their faces. When the girl saw the drawing, she asked him, what is this? Hahaha... He answered: "What is this?? That's you!!" ^o^ After that, PeiFen asked him whether this was the most difficult game he had ever played, he thought for a while and said: "No. I am an artist." ^o^

Peifen asked whether this is the first time he drew a portrait for a girl. To which he mentioned that he had ever drew a portrait for his......Teacher. Haha.... I guess everybody was relief that he didn't draw for his girlfriend right? kekeke.... PeiFen then asked what's her comments for the portrait. HyungJun answered shyly: "She told me to study harder!" Making us to laugh again... ^o^ Well, I'm glad he didn't become an artist that draws but an artist that sings! Else I would not be able to meet him~~~  =P Anyway..... his drawing is.... errr...... u know.... haha.... go see those fancams to know why I am not commenting about it.... hahaha....

Game 3 - Dibi dibi dip
Game 3 is the Dibi Dibi Dip game, it is one of the version of Korean 'Scissor, Paper, Stones', Remember, they also have the pali pali bom version. Upon hearing the game, he started doing the action for all 3 actions. Well, since we were not familiar with the game, PeiFen requested him to demonstrate each steps to us. After explaining, all 5 of the contestant were called on stage. PeiFen requested him to teach them again. He asked them to line in a row and follow him and do it together. He even went over one by one to correct their postures. ^o^

Then it started of with the 1st TS. Before started, he turned to his back and started practicing the 3 postures by himself and mumbling something in his mouth. Hahahaha... I think he must be very nervous. If I didn't remember wrongly, leader once mentioned in WGM that he was very bad in pali pali bom and he always lost in the game. Haha.... 

Out of the 5 TS, he only managed to win one of them. Hahaha.... It was very funny during the game, when PeiFen requested them to both turned their back to not facing each others. He's so cute, he gestured to TS downstage for tips to come out later. Hahaha.... After he lost for few rounds, he exclaimed: "Oh~ I am not going at playing..." and showed a sad face. Haha... PeiFen asked whether he intentionally lost to the TS, he showed a defeated face. Hahahaa.... He was trying so hard to win them. When he won for that only round, he exclaimed, "I win!". ^o^ 

He gave a lot of special fan service during this game. When presenting the gifts to TS, he would kissed the present and then gave it to her, shaking her hand and then gave her a hug! One of the TS, after hugging her, he lifted her up!! The last person is a Thailand TS, he lifted her all the way until near to the edge of the stage, I thought he wanted to carry her down stage. Hahahahaa....

SGTripleS Special MV
Next they actually played the MV made specially for him from SGTripleS fanclub. They has produced an MV with songs which they composed and wrote for him and personally sang by members of the fanclub. In the MV, they add on video clips of him in various activities. It was a really touching MV. When the MV was played, HyungJun was watching backstage and came out near the end of the MV. When the lights were up, I saw him wiping away some tears. He must be touched by the flashbacks of the scenes in the MV and also for what the girls from SGTripleS has done for him.

If you haven't watched the MV yet, take a look at it. The lyrics of the song is really very well written and meaningful. Only comments is its tune is really sad, after listening it makes quite some people cry.... Anyway, Good job! SGTripleS members!

SGTripleS present cake + TS sang Birthday songs + HyungJun blow candle + SGTripleS CMs gave Birthday presents
After that he looked a little sad, but was cheered up when SGTripleS CMs came out with a Picture Birthday cake for him. It was supposed to be a Belated Birthday celebration for him. You can see that he was very touched that although his Birthday was on 3rd August, but they still remembered it. All TripleS sang Birthday song for him in English, followed by the Korean version. We sang 'Sengil cuka hamnida, Sengil cuka hamnida, Sarang hae Hyung Jun Kim....' at this part when singing his name, some were singing Kim Hyung Jun and some were singing Hyung Jun Kim, and because of there's a little confusion here, the voice sorta became softer, he then put his hand on his ear to gesture that he can't hear it... Hahahaha....

After singing the Birthday songs, he blowed the candles. SGTripleS gave him the present from their fanclub. Among them, there's a cute ipad cover with a cartoon HyungJun printed on it. PeiFen asked whether he plays game on iPad, he said iPad was so hard, he only used it to watch movie. ^o^ I wish in future when we see his iPad, we will also see this cute iPad cover also. ^o^

Thank You speech from HyungJun for Singapore TS
He then gave his Thank You speech for this showcase. Okay. I tried my best to listen to the message from those recorded fancam and record it down here for all of you.

This is direct copy from his translator's translation

*~ Message from HyungJun ~*

It is his first visit to Singapore, but he is seeing lots and lots of faces today and he is so happy to be here to interact with all of you.

Because he's here as just solo, one member, not together with his other 4 members, he was pretty nervous to be here alone, so he prepared a lot before he came here.

He is so touched and so happy to see so many faces today for supporting him and cheering for him. His last line is he would like to come here to live in Singapore in future.

It was so memorable to be here today for sharing the time with all of you. It's pretty sad that it's ending but he'll always remember this moment.

*~ Thank you. ~*

PeiFen told him to stay a longer in Singapore the next time when he came here, even if he don't come to live here. She also suggested him to go to zoo since he loves animal. He told her that he loves zoo because he loves animal and then he said something that made everybody laugh.... It was:
"I don't like hippo...... 
So big mouth... so fat..... 
.......and so slow..." 

Hahahahhahahahaa..... HyungJun ah~~ you are really sooooo funny.....

Last song - I Am
Last song - I Am.... It started of with his dancing and singing while sitting on a chair together with 3 more dancers, then somebody unexpected came out during the show!! That lady dancer who dance 'Hey G' with him during Persona Concert. Everybody started to scream!!! Whenever HyungJun get closer to her or touched her or she touched him, there will be screams from TS. kekeke.... In the middle of the song, he jumped down the stage again and walked passed the front row TS, and shook their hands before going back on stage again. ^o^ At the end of the song, he HUG the girl but didn't kiss her like in Persona. Phew.... I guess this was what on everybody's mind at that moment. Kekeke....

That's the end of the showcase. Felt sad... I wanted to shout 'encore' but guess everybody were busy exiting the hall to run... run... run... to IMM for the Meet & Greet session. If I didn't remember wrongly, it was around 5+ when it ended, the whole showcase lasted around 2 hours.

I have a great time throughout the entire 2 hours, have wished that it would not end so fast and he could sing more songs. He's very sweet and gave a lot of fan service to fans to make us happy. Although he was alone, I guess he has handle everything well. Glad that Singapore is the first stop after he joined his new company S-Plus. I have wish that the rest of the members will be with him on that day. Anyway, I still look forward for such a day when all 5 of them stand in a stage in Singapore. I really wish this day will come. No matter how long, I will definitely wait for this day to come and give them my support when they are here!


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