Friday, September 17, 2010

[Video] Jung Min opening message in his Official Webby

This is a video message which Jung Min left in his official Japan fanclub. Thanks Ode for translating the message. Guess it is time for us to get use of the boys speaking Japanese since they are going to be very actively involved in Japan in future.

For your information, you would need to pay 5000yen to sign on to his fanclub. Membership benefits include access to fanclub member only page, newsletter, fanclub events, priority booking for concert ticket, purchase of limited edition merchandise.


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Hello I'm Park Jungmin
My official Japanese fanclub has officially opened on September 7.
I've been studying Japanese hardworkingly
So I want to receive recognition from all of you, "Ah Jungmin is really working this hard to have achievements in Japan like dancing, singing, acting ne" , like that......
Do come to my official website and enjoy knowing more about me
Thank you
Also, there are quite a few events that are only made available to the fanclub, so please do visit the website ne~ Come come~
If so then let's meet in the homepage, I'll go and visit often too.
Because I do see those self statuses uploaded (what shall I do) (?) as well, so do leave many messages
I'll write in Japanese too. It'll be lovely if it will develop into a comfortable place that could bridge itself with your heart.
Everybody please visit often ne, Bye~~~~

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