Monday, September 13, 2010

[Twitter] Kyu Jong new twitter account !!!!!

Wah!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy..... yesterday I am just saying how I wish Kyu Jong will have a twitter account, and now he already created one at 5 hours ago !!!!! Wow!!!!!

It is a valid account because Steven Lee has confirmed him !!!! It will be fun when other members start to follow him. ^o^

Please follow him!!!!

His twitter is:

Now.... I am a bit greedy.... can leader also apply a twitter account also? ^o^


Kyu Jong first tweet ^o^

He is confirmed by Steven Lee. ^o^

Kyu Jong changed his display picture ^o^

Kyu Jong sending messages to the rest of the members ^o^

1 comment:

Fanny said...

I'm really gonna be happy if he would mention me in twitter..