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[News][2010.09.06] JungMin's role in muscial '絆ー少年よ大紙を抱け' + Synopsis of musical

[News][2010.09.06] JungMin's role in muscial '絆ー少年よ大紙を抱け'

Credit: http://enter-tm.com/ + (English translation) ss501ufo.blogspot.com
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Character Introduction
Sagara High School S5
Park JungSol
Sagara High School Senior, Oversea student (Graduated).
Show his legendary calligraphy skill in previous year's farewell.
Is someone which Yoneyama admired.

Acted by:
Park Jung Min
Korean Male Singer
Idol Group SS501 member
Had acted in Korean musical 'Grease' in the role of Denny

Credit: (Chinese translation) www.parkjungmin.com.cn + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

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Synopsis of the musical:
This musical is about 2 boys (once good friends) who were going to be graduated from High School, in order to convey their affection to a girl, they compete using calligraphy. In this musical, JungMin acted as a senior of the high school which these 2 boys are studying in. He is a foreign student from Korea.

Ticket sales starts from 16 October.


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