Monday, September 06, 2010

[Twiiter] Young Saeng long tweet + Convo with Park JiBin

Young Saeng tweet again!!! ^o^ So happy to see him active in Twitter.


Credit: (English Transation) XiaoChu @
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Young Saeng Tweet at 11.28pm 5 Sept
Learnt a little from JiBin..Frankly speaking, I don't know how to use this - - I tried (to use) so that I won't fall behind times;; I don't know anything other than this but I'm still playing this - - Eats up my battery so fast.. This twitter thing, I just have to write words myself right? ke

After this Park JiBin reply to his tweet

@mystyle1103 Hyung, you woke up already? keke I was sleeping when you talked to me TT TT If hyung wants to talk to someone you know, you should write a message, just like how I write to hyung~ Reply is for replying, write something to me!! Twitter will be verified* even if you don’t write anything keke Hyung will become addicted to this keke
*XiaoChu: I think he is trying to say that the account will still be active even if he doesn’t write anything

Then Young Saeng replied at

 @Actor_ParkJiBin Is it that I just have do it like this?

Park JiBin seems to be Saengie's Twitter teacher, he then replied him at 12.46pm, 6 Sept
@mystyle1103 Eo Keke Just do it this way will do. After 'Following' each other, if you do not want to let others see your message then write Direct Message, it is same as the CY Message board whipering function. Try to write a DM to me.


Chara said...

Gosh, sometimes his tweets just break me up laughing! He is so cute...

Ah yes.^^ Welcome back! We missed you, MiniUFO!

Anonymous said...

he's so cute! Really wants to learn how to tweet!!
thanks! welcome back!!