Saturday, September 18, 2010

[Twitter] Boys tweet translations for 18 Sept

Young Saeng/Kyu Jong/Jung Min/Hyung Jun tweet translations for 18 September 2010

XiaoChu @ Quainte501 translation:
Now I have finished work and came back,
took a shower and came on (twitter) for a while before I go to sleep~^^
Have a sweet dream everyone~!!!

XiaoChu @ Quainte501 translation:
Oh! I am now in Japan~~! Today's big news is my official Japan homepage, fanclub was set up~ Everyone come and play often~!! Joining (fanclub/official Japan website) ^0^

XiaoChu @ Quainte501 translation:
I will work even even even even harder~ sweet dreams everyone!

Kyu Jong ah~ will u start tweeting in English today? ^^

Kyu Jong tweet

Note from Ode: @mastadoo tweeted Wheesung to say that Kyujong is his, dont vye with him

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