Friday, September 24, 2010

[Twitter] Boys tweet translation on 24 September 2010

Thanks XiaoChu for spending her time translating the boys messages, it is really not easy to follow through their message and also their friends' messages. Kumawoyo XiaoChu~


Credits : xiaochu @
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2010-09-24 @ 6.13pm
I posted a new photo to Facebook
This is the photo he posted in Facebook

2010-09-24 @ 6.13pm
아싸 이리로도 업데이트 가능해졌다
Ahssa it is made possible to update over here too

2010-09-24 @ 5.35pm
헬스헬스 그리고 미용실
Gym gym and beauty salon

2010-09-24 @ 2.06pm
@Steven_Lee_하하 수영이야기가 쏙 들어갔군요 그러고보니 ㅎ 영생이형 야구신동이랍니다!!!!! ㅎ
@Steven_Lee_ Haha the talks about swimming fell right through. Come to think of it. hee YoungSaengie hyung is a baseball genius!!!!! hee

2010-09-24 @ 10.38am
Xiaochu: ?! I have no idea on this one.. I search on dictionary, it says meridian system (body qi system as known in TCM)???

2010-09-24 @ 6.05am
@mystyle1103멋진 농구복에 이젠 야구에까지...! 그대는 욕심쟁이 우후훗
@mystyle1103 From the nice basketball attire to baseball now...! You are greedy Woohoohoot

2010-09-24 @ 5.55am
@2kjdream나두 보고싶다!! 갑자기 왠 야구래. 너희들 수영계획은 무산된건야? ㅎㅎ 나도 이따가 조깅해야지 ^^
@2kjdream I also miss you!! Why suddenly talk about baseball. Your plans for swimming fell through? heehee I also should go jogging later ^^

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