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[Translation] Jung Min Japan Press Conference, laughters non stop [2010.09.17]

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[Translation][2010.09.17] Jung Min's Japan Press Conference, non-stop laughters
Towards fans, currently has not setup a physical blog, 'wish to make the distance between fans closer, my slogan is to become the No.1 male to be hugged most, also set a target towards 'Man whom would not be forgotten after hugging once', can hold a hug meeting~" these words which made fans very happy was brought out like this.

After that is the Q&A session, when the reporter making inquiry, first when he heard the reporter name, for example Suzuki-san, he will repeat and say 'Suzuki-chan' (Note: You address a person -chan when the person is closed to you, for example friends/siblings), while greeting by waving, in the long Q&A session, he was always with smiles, even the photographs said: "There's not a moment that he didn't smile, therefore have to keep holding the camera.", all the reporters have to follow Jung Min for the entire session. Together with him, there's also Japan Yamaha Company President Seumi Junichi who was addressed as 'Jun-chan', from here you could see Jung Min's skill to get attention.

Q: What is your ideal type of girl?
A: Basically matured girl, who can tolerate me, interesting, it will be good for a person who I can walk together in life. Japan ladies? Really like, but after going to so many countries, discovered that every country has different kind of people, all of you which I love most, please make yourself more mature (smile)

Q: You speak Japanese very well. How do you improve your language ability?
A: I am actually not good in language, but just wanted to get along with the local, wanting to know what they say, what are they thinking, therefore work hard to learn. Just like those who learn Korean, it is impossible that they don't like the people and culture in Korea, therefore I am very happy to learn other language.

Q: What is the reason that you are put in a lot of attention of fashion?
A: I am also an artist, wanted myself to look better and more charming infront of everybody, so started to learn about fashion. The truth of fashion is to be able to cover flaws and also able to wear clothes that you like.

Q: Seems to look much slimmer?
A: By controlling diet, slim down about 7-8kg. Go to exercise everyday, will think carefully for the food I want to eat, in conclusion is to control diet! Now will go to eat delicious food once everyday, the best is the dango soup made by sesame, just smelling the scent is already very appetizing, sesame is also good for the brain, if you have children, please remember to bring them to eat.
Reporter note: Seems like Jung Min not only success in controlling his diet, but also became a nutrition specialist.

Q: Ways to reduce stress
A: I belong to the kind which will explode when under stress. Will get angry when too stressful, when angry will explode out once and for all, so there shouldn't be stress. So in contrast, do I look healthier?

Q: What do you do during off days?
A: Recently seldom go off...... Because the solo activities has already confirmed, other than practicing on singing also have class on 芝居 (Something which is popular during the 50' in Japan, a performance style that tell a story through drawings). Are very busy almost everyday. If I can go off for a day? I wish to be together with you (smile)!

Q: Have you decided the name of your fan club?
A: Haven't yet. How about using 'Girls whom most wanted to hug' as title?

Q: Who do you wish to act together in Japan?
A: I have watched a lot of Japan top drama, there's a lot of candidates which I specifically wanted to act together. Those that wanted to act with me can contact me, in future also wish to act in Japan drama. About most interested type, every type of drama also wanted to try out.

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