Thursday, September 16, 2010

[Twitter] Boys tweets translation for 16 Sept

Thanks XiaoChu for the fast translation and side notes~~~~


Young Saeng/Kyu Jong/Jung Min/Hyung Jun tweet translation for Sept 16

Note: *he did a cute aegyo tone for the ending,
i.e Acutal is Danyeoohgaetseumnida,
but he wrote Danyeoogaessyumidang

His new image in the Japan Musical?

Hmmm..... HyungJun ah~ Are you sure you are practicing your choreography??

Note 1 for @hyeongjin2:
*His manager threatens to expose things about 'heo sudal' ^^

Note 2 for @Seojisuk:
*In reply to his tweet : @mystyle1103 If it goes well on Sunday, might be possible hehe Let's meet soon hehe

Note 3 for @KimseAd:
*In reply to her tweet : @mystyle1103 3 hits, 3 safe, 3 runs, winner today is JiSuk or YoungSaeng?

Note: *Nyam nyam is like the sound of clicking of the mouth after you eat

Hwangbo tweeted at 2010-10-17 @ 12.00am
@HyungJun87 우리 귀여운 막내 형준이구나~^^ 촬리피디님 말잘들으렴
@HyungJun87 Oh it's our cute magnae HyungJun~^^ Chuali PD, I'm obedient

Zakkykim tweeted at 2010-09-16 @ 11.51pm
@2kjdream 네가 쏴! @HyungJun87
@2kjdream You treat! @HyungJun87

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