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[News][2010.09.14]Looking at 'Naughty Kiss' interesting 'Stiff Brothers' mind map ?

Tried my best to translate the article. But some terms are quite difficult for me. Sorry if some parts sound wierd. Keke.....


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[News][2010.09.14]Looking at 'Naughty Kiss' interesting 'JjoJjo Brothers' mind map ?

MBC Wednesday & Thursday Drama "Naughty Kiss" newly released "Stiff Brothers" and also Oh Hani's mind map became a topic.

On 12th, in one of Kim Hyun Joong's fan cafe, a brain map which was extracted from the main point of the most current's Naughty Kiss storyline including the recently broadcast Episode 4. Other than the "Stiff Brothers' Baek Eun Jo, 'Stiff Prince' Baek Seung Jo who treat everyone bluntly's brain, 'Oh Hani, nuisance' (Oh Hani, Minpedeongeori) made up a big portion in his brain. In the drama, Oh Hani who stay in Baek Seung Jo's home not only affect his learning but will only create trouble. Using Baek Seung Jo's way of saying, it is "Nuisance". According to the flow of the storyline, although it can be seen that Baek Seung Jo has started to have good impression of Oh Hani who is always very rough and careless. Up till episode 4 the story revolved around Oh Hani who kept creating trouble which made others headache. However, before Episode 4 ends, Baek Seung Jo jokingly said: "I am also in my 19 year old teenage period" and pressed Oh Hani down to the bed, although she is a nuisance but also have a place when beside him, and showed his big smile.

Baek Seung Jo's younger brother who studies is as good as him, Baek Eun Jo's mind map was also revealed. His own idol - Mimicking everything brother does, "mini Baek Seung Jo", Baek Eun Jo's mind are full of his brother. Also, the rivalry relationship between Eun Jo and Hani who keep trying to please Seung Jo, created continuous laughter in the drama. Because of such reaction, when dealing with Oh Hani who is a nuisance to his brother, he has "How to torture Oh Hani?" such thought which taken up a large portion of his mind map. Contrary to him, Oh Hani's mind map is very simple. "Baek Saung Jo Jjang! (Excellent)" kind of thoughts, all her thoughts are related to Baek Seung Jo.

On the other hand, the public has gave responses like "Stiff brothers are the nation stiff brothers", "The thoughts in the middle of the mind is the truth", "Is thinking why it doesn't appear, now then appear".

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