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[Magazine Translation] Hyun Joong @ Japan Magazine - Love! Korean No.35

[Magazine Translation] Hyun Joong @ Japan Magazine - Love! Korean No.35

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Kim Hyun Joong 'Devoted and hardworking, dreams will definitely be fulfilled'
Kim Hyun Joong who came to Japan because of 'Boys over Flower' Alumni, our magazine did a thorough interview of his true appearance
Having a 'Walking Statue''s nickname, but actually is a good youth with a very cheerful smile.

(Only translate special interview section, Boys over Flower Alumni introduction ommited)

"Boys over Flower' open up his own acting route
-- Greatest change after acting in 'Boys over Flower'
Originally is going on a singer activity then with 'Boys over Flower', started to challenge acting skill for the first time. This work, not only stired up my interest in acting, but also give me good result after working hard. Also, feel that I have expand my personal acting route.

-- About Yoon Ji Hoo
Yoon Ji Hoo and I have completely different character. Just because of the complete difference, was a little distress when trying to interprete the role. I was thinking, maybe Yoon Ji Hoo was not really a lonely man.

-- About always having kiss scenes in the 1st scene
That's right. But, Boys over Flower's kiss scene was not the 1st scene, but considered within the first few scenes.

-- As an actor, aren't you happy for filming kiss scene
Every show the kiss scene was scripted differently. Currently acted as 'Naughty Kiss' Baek Seung Jo, because of the character of that role, the original script was going towards 'girl going after boy''s direction, so while filming kiss scene, also go according to the original script, having a mischievious style and joking element, just like a gentle peck kind of kiss.

Forever unstoppable Spiritual examination
-- Have you seen the Japan drama remake of 'Mischievious Kiss'
Have read the original manga. Never seen the Japan or Taiwan version of drama, fear that after watching will be affected by the actor in the drama. Wanted to create an Naoki Irie of my own style, so have done some research beforehand.

-- Similar to the previous drama, you are the lead actor, do you think that this role can only be acted by you?
When receiving 'Naughty Kiss''s script, have think over it seriously. Similar to the previous drama, it is also a drama scripted based on a manga, because of this I was troubled by it for very long. However, since I am still young, I guess I should be able to fully interprete the character who is based on the manga. 'Boys over Flower' Yoon Ji Hoo is a gentle and considerate boy, while this time I am acting as a cold and heartless Baek Seung Jo, both have great difference in character.

-- The greatest influence in life after become an actor
After acting, when seen some scene at certain place and different people, I will look and examine in my heart. Or else, will observe a certain person currently is under what kind of mood condition. For example, when there is a very wonderful place, I will think how to shoot beautiful photographs, this kind of thoughts.... Now I am interviewed by you, but in my mind I am thinking, this month end during 'Naughty Kiss' press conference, when meet with same question, I can also answer the reporter the same way.

-- The advantage of holding both the role of a singer and actor
As a singer, when standing on stage, mostly is to sing and dance. 3min 30sec performance, I think it is a type of acting. Just like when acting there are lines, although just singing, when reciting rap must control the rhythm and beat, must show heavy tone at certain part. Therefore I think singer and actor both are complementarily and mutually related. Of course, holding on both roles of actor and singer is a very difficult, must have very good personal management to control in the area of both spiritual and body.

Bae Yong Joon is an exceptional person
-- After joining the same company as Bae Yong Joon, have you met him?
We met quite often. Not to talk about work, but chatting about each others' interest and also topic related to people around us.

-- About Bae Yong Joon
Is really a very exceptional, and a person who can completely do a good personal management. No matter what he does, he will put in his whole heart and mind, very excellent. I am very admired toward Bae Yong Joon who is like this. My aim is to be a person like Bae Yong Joon, so I will seek his opinion from time to time.

-- When having the role of both singer and actor, do you have friends who have common interest whom you can interact with
DBSK's Yuchun. If there anything that I don't know about Japan, for example what to emphasize when dealing with Japan fans, what is their difference comparing with Korea fans, I will also ask Yuchun questions regarding Japan entertainment circle and etc. When together with Junsu, we are good friends to play soccer together. When with Jejung, I will consult him about his filming in Japan. Bringing up about Yuchun is because he is currently acting in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' which is broadcast on every Monday and Tuesday, luckily that my drama is broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday, different day from his, I have even told him that it is great that we don't need to meet head on. (Laugh).

-- Fans and media give a lot of nicknames, which is your most favourite
All also like (Laugh). I don't know which nickname is the best, but currently I am acting as Baek Seung Jo in 'Naughty Kiss', I hope everybody can call me 'Proud Boy'.

-- Most respect historian
In this world there are a lot of people that worth to be respected, it is very difficult to pick one only. Towards those that live life earnestly, not just only respect, even can just exceed them by a little bit, we must also work hard to achieve that.

-- Message for Japan fans
Perviously when came to Japan, my dream was to perform in Japan Bodukan, it was fulfilled during Persona Asia Tour. Then I wish to perform in Saitama Arena, it was fulfilled during April this year. Following by that, I was thinking if I can go to Tokyo Dome it will be great, it was fulfilled again. Although this round, it is not through singing or performing, but to participate in a charity program held in Tokyo Dome on December. There is a book in Korea named 'Secret', it mentioned that everybody will definitely able to fulfill your dreams in your heart, I am also agreed to that. Hope Japan fans also will hold a firm believe in everything, towards things that you wish to do, please be determined to practice it thoroughly.

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