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[Audio + Translation] Jung Min's interview with K-Generation [2010.09.19]

Credit: + ss501jungmin + iZomZaa@YT
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Credit: + (Chinese Trans) PheroMin + (Eng Trans)
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MC: Today is a special interview. It's been long since we last meet.
JM: It's been long since we last meet, I am Park Jung Min.

MC:Today shall count on you
JM: Oh, it is me, I should be the one counting on you.

MC: How's your health recently?
JM: Not bad, what about you?

MC: I am also very healthy.
JM: Oh, that's great~ What about your wife?

MC: My wife is also very healthy. Aiyo, give me a shock.
JM: Always see her on TV.

MC: Have you seen me on TV?
JM: Yes, even seen you yesterday also.

MC: Ai, really? Err.. Why it became like you are interviewing me. So sorry.
JM: A little...Emm... Yes.

MC: Visiting Japan after such a long time, are you here because of some activities? Why are you here?
JM: Em.. This time I am here for the musical 'Kizuna', I have only reached Japan yesterday.

MC: Wah, Congratulations.
JM: It's ok.

MC: Talking about Musical, you have already performed in 'Grease' in Korea, and have experience in Musical.
JM: Yes. Musical.. After so long going to perform again, is feeling a little nervous.

MC: This time is to perform in a musical in Japan right?
JM: Yes. Feel a little pressurized to perform using Japanese, but I will work hard, also being able to perform publicly with so many actors, I feel very happy.

MC: Will act together with Japanese actors?
JM: Yes. First time... When acting 'Grease' in Korea, I have very good relationship with everyone, this time in Japan, would it be the same, I am very anticipating.

MC: But.. towards Japanese scripts, will you have any uneasiness?
JM: I am a little worried whether I will 'swallow the words'.. but I think after practice should have no problem.

MC: Is it alright to talk about your role?
JM: Is a oversea student from Korea, a legendary student..

MC: Legendary student?
JM: Should meant legend about dance.. That kind of role, very cheerful and healthy

MC: So is sexy charisma?
JM: Yes. Pum pum~ Full with sexiness~

MC: This time other than musical, do you have any other activities?
JM: Go according to the flow... Not like this. In future there will be musical, plans to release solo album etc. Everybody must support me oh.

MC: So would you gradually increase your activities in Japan?
JM: Yes. Hope to be able to increase gradually.

MC: Em.. As it is solo activity, different from when previously having activities together in a group, I think would feel pressurize right. For your solo activities, what do you want to challenge?
JM: Em.. Musical, and also the solo album that is going to be release, drama and movie also, I will work hard.

MC: For this stop, although the time you spend are very short, but if you have time, what do you want to do in Japan?
JM: If there's time? I have a lot of places I wanted to go. Okinawa (I also want to go), Saporro, Fukuoka, etc...

MC: Busy until don't have private time right?
MC: But.. I am not the kind that love to go out to play.. Will feel more relief to have things to do.. Because can meet with everybody.. very happy.

MC: Lastly, talk about your aspiration for this musical, about whether in future you will be acting in musicals, is there anything you would like to say?
JM: Em.. Acting in musical for the first time in Japan. It is a musical call 'Kizuna'. Other than me, there's a few more lead performers, it is a youthful and passionate story produced by youths, everybody must come to watch.

MC: Ok. Thank. I think in future we should be meeting more often. Gambadeneh!
JM: Ok. I will wait to meet you again. Very anticipate.

MC: Ok. Thank. That is Park Jung Min. Thank You.
JM: Thank you, good bye~

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