Monday, September 20, 2010

[Info] Jung Min to appear @ Nippon Hoso's Live Internet 'Suono Dolce' on 21 Sept 2010

Thanks Ode for retweeting this info. Jung Min will be appearing in Nippon Hoso's live internet radio "Suono Dolce"!! on 21 September 2010. Since it is a visible radio, we will be able to see him LIVE! ^o^

Thanks HiroMin and DrMyStar for sharing the details and instructions for watching him live.


English Translation: HiroMin @
Please repost with full credit

パク・ジョンミンさん、ニッポン放送のインターネットラジオ「Suono Dolce」生出演決定!!9/21(火)TOKYO AFTER6 番組冒頭18時~出演予定。見えラジオです。PCで世界中からアクセス可能!!

Park JungMin, will appear in Nippon Hoso's live internet radio "Suono Dolce"!! 9/21(tue) TOKYO AFTER6 will appear at the beginning of the radio from JST 18:00. It's visible radio. can watch from around the world!!

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