Friday, September 10, 2010

[Twitter] HyungJun + Jung Min + Young Saeng tweet translation for Sept 10

^o^ It's fun it's fun.... when my dongsaeng told me that Saengie follow Baby, I thought it will be fun when they chat with each other.... and so soon we gotta see it~~~~ Love the old days when they tease each others... Now via twitter ^o^

I have arranged their tweets in sequence so you know whatz happening.... kekeke....

Let's see if JungMin will see the tweet and retaliate ^o^

Saengie, Mal, Baby.... go persuade your HyunJoong and KyuJong to join in twiiter also..... Then all TripleS will shout MANSAE~~~~ ^o^

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation!


HyungJun & YoungSaeng tweets @ Sept 10

Note from XiaoChu:
*I think he's trying to say "It should be You (cos Hyungjun called him a pig)"

X X - maybe he's cursing?! kekee.

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