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[Twitter] Boys tweet translation for 21 Sept

One day before Chuseok~~~ Why am I so happy? It's not even a holiday here.... but we got Mooncakes to eat.... ^^

Enjoying the tweets of the boys~ Today we have an additional guest... JiYoung ^^ Hope that will make them tweet even more more more~~~~ ^^


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Latest tweet on top ^o^

2010-09-21 @ 9.53pm
@Steven_Lee_ 나가보질않아서잘모르겠는데~아까엄청오긴왔어요ㅠㅠ하늘이무너지는줄알았어요ㅋ @Steven_Lee_ I don't know cos I didnt go out to see~ It was extremely heavy (rain) just now TT TT I thought the sky was falling ke

=Steven Lee=
2010-09-21 @ 8:16pm
@mystyle1103 한국 서울에 비 엄청 많이와서 물난리났다다던데. 거긴 별 피해는없나?
@mystyle1103 There was damages from the rain because of so much rainfall in Seoul Korea. Is there any damages over there?

2010-09-21 @ 7.49pm
시골에서 모여서 저녁먹었어요..^^친척들 다함께모였네요.. 자주보면 좋을텐데 다들 바쁜일상에..하지만 오늘만큼은 웃음꽃이 피네요..^^ http://yfrog.com/m928338236j Gathering in our hometown and had our dinner..^^ All our relatives came together.. It would be nice if we can see each other often, though everyone leads busy daily lives.. But today laughters bloomed..^^ http://yfrog.com/m928338236j

This is the photo he tweet (I have brighten the photo since the original is too dark)

2010-09-21 @ 7.19pm
@kkangjii 나는 신세대 영생형아는 아저씨야 ㅎㅎㅎ @kkangjii I am new generation, YoungSaeng hyung ah is ahjussi hee hee hee

2010-09-21 @ 7.18pm
@TaewanakaCLuv 요 ma bro 형 ㅎㅎ 시골잘도착했어요~~^^ 멋쟁이형님 언능 올라가서 뵈요 !! 운전조심하시구요~~ @TaewanakaCLuv Yo ma bro hyung hee hee I arrived at my hometown safely~~^^ Cool dude hyungnim, quickly go up and see u there !! Must be absolutely careful~~

2010-09-21 @ 7.19pm
@kkangjii ㅋㅋㅋㅋ나도나이가드는느낌이...ㅠㅠ추석인데맛난거많이먹어요~^^
@kkangjii kekekeke I do feel like I'm aging... TT TT It's Chuseok, eat many delicious food~^^

2010-09-21 @ 7.17pm
@mystyle1103 아저씨 신세대들 사이에 끼는거아니에요 ... ㅎㅎㅎ @mystyle1103 Ajussi is not to join with the new generations ... heeheehee

2010-09-21 @ 7.10pm
비가 조금 잔잔해졌네요, 다들 비조심 비조심, Rain has turned a little lighter, Everyone be careful of the rain, be careful of the rain,
=Kang JiYoung=
2010-09-21 @ 7.02pm
@mystyle1103 오빠 하시는지 몰랏어요 ㅠㅠㅠ 신세댄지몰른건가... 풉... 죄송함당!!ㅋㅋㅋ @mystyle1103 I didnt know oppa was using (twitter) TT TT TT Didnt know you're new generation... pfftt... Sorry!! ke ke ke

2010-09-21 @ 6.54pm
@kkangjii You've finally followed (me)~~ I also had this (twitter) earlier - - cos I'm also a new generation....^^

=Kang JiYoung=
2010-09-21 @ 6.43pm
@mystyle1103 YoungSaeng oppa!!!!!!

2010-09-21 @ 6.40pm
@2kjdream 응 좋타 ㅋㅋ여기ㅜ물퍼낸중이라 못나가구있음 ㅠㅠ사당역은잠김 ㅋㅋ @2kjdream Yup, good keke Over here T they are pumping water out at the moment, so I can't go out TT TT SaDang station is flooded keke
2010-09-21 @ 6.27pm
@kjdream 울 이뿐 규종이!! 잘 도착했지? 올라와서 빨리봥!! ^^ @2kjdream Our pretty KyuJongie!! Arrived safely? Come up and see u soon!! ^^

2010-09-21 @ 6.23pm
@mystyle1103옹옹옹 ㅎㅎ 베벵
@mystyle1103 OngOngOng hee hee BeBeng
*XiaoChu: @nicole501 told me BeBeng is a slang for Baby, so looking at this tweet, it sure sounds like it. cos the 'ong ong ong' sounds like pacifying a baby ^^

2010-09-21 @ 6.21pm
@kkangjiimystyle1103 영생이형이 팔로우해달래 ㅎ 아저씨 팔로우해주세용 ㅎㅎ
@kkangjii mystyle1103 YoungSaengie hyung asked you to follow hee please follow ajussi (uncle) hee hee

2010-09-21 @ 6.17pm
@2kjdream Ya~~ Tell JiYoung~ to also follow me~

2010-09-21 @ 6.16pm
@HyungJun87 Get down and receiving a deep bow - - Have a good Chuseok~~Eat alot of delicious food, and become a pig!!!

2010-09-21 @ 6.15pm
@kkangjii하하 트윗하는 신세대야!! ㅎㅎ
@kkangjii haha tweeting is the new generation!! hee hee

=Kang JiYoung=
2010-09-21 @ 6.10pm
@2kjdream New generation-nim!!!

2010-09-21 @ 5.58pm
そろそろ ラジオ 入ります。沢山 聞いてね!!
I will join the radio soon. Please listen a lot! ^^
(XiaoChu: Thanks to @gobblepop for the translation)

2010-09-21 @ 5.39pm
@HyungJun87비 많이 온다는데 잘 도착했다니 다행이다~ 잘 쉬구 명절지내구 보자~^^
@HyungJun87 It has been raining alot. You have arrived safely? That's good~ Have a good rest and enjoy your holiday and see ya~^^

2010-09-21 @ 4.43pm
@mystyle1103형은 따로 보내려고했지^^ 우리 추석 잘보내고 만나자구! 영생님! 메리추석
@mystyle1103 I sent a separate one (message) for hyung^^ Let's have a good Chuseok and meet up soon! YoungSaeng-nim (honorific title)! Merry Chuseok

2010-09-21 @ 4.11pm
무사히 한국에 도착했습니다. 그런데 비가 정말 많이오네요. 침수피해없게, 비피해 없게 주의하시고 .감기도 조심하세요.
Arrived in Korea safely. But it is raining really heavily. Be careful not to be drenched, not to have any rain damage. Also be careful not to catch a flu.

2010-09-21 @ 3.15pm
중부지방에 비가 많이와 보이는 사진이네요..ㅠ 다들 우산잘챙기세요오^^ 비와도 웃음가득한 명절보내세요~ http://yfrog.com/mr6lzuj
This is a photo that shows that there will be alot of rain in the central district.. TT Everyone remember to bring umbrella with you^^ Have a holiday filled with laughter even though it's raining~ http://yfrog.com/mr6lzuj

This is the photo he tweeted (a weather forecast chart for Korea)

2010-09-21 @ 2.52pm
@kkangjii깡지!! 내꺼 동그랑땡은!!?!
@kkangjii KkangJi!! Where is my donggeurangddaeng!!?!
*Based on the photo from JiYoung, donggeurangddaeng seems like meat balls.

2010-09-21 @ 12.43am
@lovelyn_twt 뭐 대단한건 없어요! ^^
@lovelyn_twt Well, there's nothing great about it! ^^

2010-09-20 @ 11.04pm
@lastsweep yo 형!!!!!
@lastsweep yo hyung!!!!!

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