Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[News][2010.09.15] SS501 Park JungMin Intense Diet Loses 8kg.. Comeback in November

2 more months to wait to see our fit and slimmer JungMin on stage again.... ^o^


[News][2010.09.15] SS501 Park JungMin Intense Diet Loses 8kg.. Comeback in November

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SS501 Park JungMin officially announced the start of his solo activities and showed the result of his intense diet which he did for the sake of transforming his image.

Park JungMin attracted attention of the fans with his recent image posted in his own facebook page (OfficialParkJungMin) on 14-Sep.

After SS501 officially ended their activities in June, he took a rest gained some weight. In view of the upcoming full-fledge solo activities, he took on both exercise and dietary treatment, devoting himself to building up his body.

Park JungMin's agency CNR Media said 'He made a time table and did his best to keep to it so as to maintain a regular lifestyle. In the morning, he wakes up and exercise, and with advice from his trainer, he took on a diet that consists mainly of proteins and salad. He has lost about 8kg currently, and became even healthier and fitter.'

Park JungMin posted through his facebook: 'I am exercising diligently. Please give me lots of support. Seems like I will be able to meet with you guys in November~' Mentioning the period of his comeback.

Park JungMin will depart on 16-Sep for his activities in Japan.

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