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[News][2010.09.15] Kim Hyun Joong personally sung 'Naughty Kiss' OST 'One More Time'

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[News][2010.09.15] Kim Hyun Joong personally sung 'Naughty Kiss' OST 'One More Time'

Kim Hyun Joong personally sung 'Naughty Kiss' OST 'One More Time'

Kim Hyun Joong personally sung drama 'Naughty Kiss' OST 'One More Time', cause great responses. Since 'One More Time' was released on 8th September, it ranked well in many music charts and music websites, and become a hit song. The MV which comprises of wonderful clips from the drama received hot responses from local and oversea fans.

'One More Time' which Kim Hyun Joong sung, is a song which expressed the proud and cold Baek Seung Jo after meeting Oh Hani (acted by Jung SoMin), gradually changing his heart. It is the exclusive song for Baek Seung Jo in the drama. Started from the first released as background music in Episode 1 it has received great concern.

For the 2nd half of the drama, the character's relationship will started to change, passion will increase and become the main theme to arouse viewers emotion, it will definitely make more love the drama.

"It is the best song in this autumn!" "Addicted with Baek Seung Jo's theme song" "The feeling of the lyrics and rhythm is good", the viewers are full of praises.

After receiving confirmation that Kim Hyun Joong will be participating in the 'Naughty Kiss' OST, oversea music company has expressed their interest to bring it to their market, it has became a hot topic. Followed by Japan, China, Thailand and others also has conveyed their interest, not only the local fans, even the entire Asia region's fan are giving great concert over this.

Living together under same roof. Seung Jo - Hani, unlimited glitches and full of romantic quarrelsome couple, "Naughty Kiss" will become more interesting. It is broadcast in MBC every Wednesday, Thursday night 9.55pm.

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