Monday, September 06, 2010

[Info] HyungJun & Kibum new company HnBCompany &

When HyungJun came over to Singapore for his Showcase & Meet-and-Greet, in an interview he mentioned that he will be opening a new company together with his brother Kibum. In fact,  his company HnBCompany was listed as his agency on the autographed poster that we received from the Meet-and-Greet. 
On last Saturday, 4th September, his company website officially launched. Due to heavy traffic from zealous fans, the site was down for some time, it is back in operation again and today something new added to the page when you click on the PiroPiro character, you will be bought to its own character site


This is the tweeter thread that was sent by KiBum & HyungJun to inform fans about their new venture.

On Satuday 9th September 2010, 7:12AM, @90KKB said:
Hello everyone~ It's the d-day, Sep 4th, 2010. We finally opened our website HnBcompany(standing for Hyungjun and Kibum) will focus on Character Development and Entertainment Business in Korea. Not on-ly focusing on Piro Piro, the character business, the HnBcompany will also act as the global agency for the singers and entertainers. We promise you that we will provide you pleasure and happiness with lots of upcoming events. on Sep 4th! The opening of on Sep 5th! Furthermore, you will get the chance to experience characterized fancy goods at the end of September. You won't be disappointed! Thank you

On Saturday 4th September, 6:42 PM, @HyungJun87 said:
HnB Company is here!! [Credit: (Eng Trans)]

On Saturday 4th September 2010, 9:13pm, @90KKB said:
Thanks to everyone's support,'s server is now down ㅜㅜ Thank you, we will try to fix this problem in the fastest time, and re-open quickly [Credit: (Eng Trans)]

On 5th September, 6:15pm, @HyunJun87 said:

On Monday 6th September 2010, @90KKB said:
HnBcompany's 1st Project -
"Piro Piro!" from Sleepy Planet!
With the distinctive dark circle under the eyes, Piro Piro is a tired, sleepy and lazy bear.
Piro Piro is finally here with the desert fox "Siro Siro"!
Please look forward for the special event in mid-September and the upcoming products at the end of September! English website will be expected to be coming out SOON too.
For more details, please click the link on the right of or visit!
Thank you and have a nice day!


Here's some screen shots of HnBCompany
For a detail translation of the page, please visit SS501ode


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