Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[Magazine translation] Japan Weekly Female Magazine Special - First 13 Under 25 years old Korea Beauty Flower Boy

Credit: daum @ elley0606 + (Chinese Translation) 妃茵 @ TripleSTW.com + (English Translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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Japan Weekly Female Magazine Special
First 13 Under 25 years old Korea Beauty Flower Boy

No.1: Kim Hyun Joong

Reporter: Debut on 2005 in 5 male group SS501 leader's Kim Hyun Joong. In 2009, he started a hot wave with his role 'Yoon Ji Hoo' in Korean drama 'Boys over Flowers', as his first solo product in challenging his acting skill.

Hyun Joong: "Boys over Flowers' allowed me to start to have strong interest in acting, at the same time, it was a product which opened my vision. Just like the 3 minutes 30 seconds singing on stage, I think acting is like a combination of the rhythm of song and rap.

Reporter: Acting in September Korean Drama 'Naughty Kiss', as the male lead 'Baek Seung Jo'

Hyun Joong: It is a manga reproduce drama same as 'Boys over Flowers'. The difference is, Yoon Ji Hoo is a gentle and understand boy, Baek Seung Jo is a role which will always sneer, so I wanted to challenge this.

Reporter: There a few like you that is in the actor singer field and hold the same high popularity, artist whom are also same age and currently very active in Korea.

Hyun Joong: Not long ago acted in Japanese Drama, DBSK's JeJung, I have ask him about the filming method in Japan. I have also always meet and discuss about acting with Yuchun. The Korean drama that he acted in 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' is broadcast on Monday & Tuesday, my drama is broadcast on Wednesday & Thursday, it is good that we are not fighting at the same time slot (laugh). Em... I wish for the success for both of our drama.


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