Thursday, November 19, 2009

[Audio] Hyun Joong Because I am Stupid (Accustic Version)

I guess all of us have been waiting for this song to release since the first time you heard this song. Since I first listen to this song, I fell in love with the beautiful melody + leader soothing voice singing the song, too bad it was not included in any of the BOF OST. Finally, after such a long wait, it is at last included in the new luxury collection.

Thanks to all who have reminded me of this release. Actually I saw it this morning and contemplating whether to post it here or not. Well, you know I don't want to promote illegal music download and I do wish we support leader by buying this album. If you don't want to buy the entire album because you have purchase the previous versions of OST, at least buy the mp3 from a legal mp3 site. Okay! Promise? Yaksukke? ^_^

Thanks ltstraus for making a MV for this song. Now we can flash back some scenes in the drama while listening to this song! Kumahwoyo ltstraus!


Credit: ltstraus
Please repost with full credit

[MV] Kim Hyun Joong - Actual Accoustic Version "Because I'm Stupid" Ji Hoo's memory


Anonymous said...

i love the accoustic version of kim hyun joong,he's sooting voice makes me happy.

helen said...

Leader really has a low and sexy voice..very male voice..don't know how to describe..especially they sing "Crazy for u"..Leader said "MY GIRL"..totally faint energy at all...hahahahaahaa..really don't understand why this song not released in REBIRTH album

saranghaeKHJoong said...

so finally, we get the acoustic version.. haha at least for me the wait is not in vain.

thanks for sharing..

honestly, i preferred hyunjoong version to the group version.
been listening to the "coin-dropping version" and still loving it.

the lyrics and music of the song suited his voice, and he delievered it with love and passion, and saddness.

Love him and his singing voice!