Thursday, November 19, 2009

[Fancam] Hyun Joong playing soccer during rehearsal break 2009.11.14

Wonder if you still remembered, when I did the live update for Persona Shanghai, I did mentioned that some fans saw leader playing soccer during the rehearsal break. It was actually captured in video.

Thanks for 绝对不花 + 贤的瑞拉 for sharing this video in tudou and thanks Marydewitt for pointing me to the link. I have uploaded the video to my youtube channel to share with you.

Leader really loved to play soccer, even when he picked up a phone call in 2:19 onwards, he continued to play with the soccer.


Credit: 绝对不花 + 贤的瑞拉 @tudou
Please repost with full credit

[Fancam] 2009.11.14 SS501 Kim Hyun Joong playing football during Persona Shanghai rehearsal break


Cclee said...

I'm glad to see him like that; being young and happy.
Do you have translation for this vid? It's about HJL -

I'm addicted to your blog. Thanks for all the pictures, and updates

Anonymous said...

Luvly luvly soccer player! He even drags and shoot da ball professionally! Addicted football guy, hhiihiih... I luv football too leader, should we go to England to watch some matchs @ weekend????????? :))

Anonymous said...

Hi minoufo! Leader is sooo cute!!! Do you know who is the guy who suddenly came and kicked the ball away?

Mini UFO said...

Looks like the fierce manager... :P

Anonymous said...

Aww, leader is sooo cute!

aisling said...

Our leader looks so cool playing football. He looks like a little kid fooling around :D

marydewitt said...

yes, when I found the soccer video, it was like BINGO! cos I remember reading your fan account about it.
Now we dont need to imagine it.

Mini UFO said...

Actually I saw it also, then I am like posting half way and after that other things distracted me, luckily I saw you link to remind me again. LOL... that's the problem of doing too many things at one go... :D

Thanks ah!

Anonymous said...

wonder whos on the phone?
'Hong Kong' girl??
just kidding..