Sunday, November 15, 2009

[Fancam] HyunJoong solo @ Persona Shanghai

I am reading fan accounts and found that these time leader was very happy and always smiling to fans. There's a fan mentioned that leader drop one of the fan letter, so he put his palm together and plead the securities to pick up the letter for him. So sweet.....

During the concert, rather than standing at one side only, leader will go to both side of the stage so that they can see him. Especially those which were holding his placard, he will stop infront of them to wave and smile to them.

Oh.... remember just now I posted the fancam in the hotel, leader say thank you to the fans... This is the fan account, actually because SS501 were eating upstairs so the fans were waiting downstairs for them. The staff told them that they are disturbing their business. But the fans refused to go, so he said ok, you must keep the order, then I will get them to greet you. Everybody obediently waited for them and then SS501 came out. Leader told the fans: "Thank you coming here today. It is already very late and everybody must be tired, go home and rest earlier. See you in airport tomorrow." After he finished talking, all the fans replied loudly, "Ok." Then JungMin said they will be back to Shanghai and ask them to anticipate. Then he said: "I love you" and showed a sleeping gesture. Leader said: "Saranghe" and then put his hand on his head to show a love shape. ^^ All these couldn't be seen from the fancam since it is quite dark. I am glad someone share about this.

Okay, let me share some fancams of leader. TheMurdererQ has combined various fancams of leader and made them into a complete video. It is a must see. The rest of the fancams are shared by Shirley in her youtube. Thanks TheMurdererQ & Shirley for sharing!


Credit: ThemurdererQ@youtube
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2009.11.14 Kim Hyun Joong@SS501 Shanghai Concert (part 1 of 2)

2009.11.14 Kim Hyun Joong Solo + New Song (part 2 of 2)

Credit: shirbogurl@youtube
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[Fancam2] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Solo "Please Be Nice to me" at Persona in Shanghai

[Fancam] SS501 Hyun Joong Focus "Because I"m Stupid" at Persona in Shanghai

[Fancam] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Solo "Please Be Nice to me" at Persona in Shanghai


Anonymous said...

Happy when he's on da way changing himself, yet does he have girlfriend??????... agrhhhhhh I wonder????!!!!!! :(

snoopy said...

wonder what is the new song sang in the clip on P2 from TheMurdererQ... Dun think is any of the 5 songs fm Rebirth Mini Album...

Anonymous said...

The song is 'Crazy For You'.

aisling said...

thanks cagali for all updates :)

anonymous #1:
I doubt he has the girlfriend, though his true fans wish him to have one - at least she could take care of him. He's so hardworking that he sometimes forgets about his own health :(

It's kinda complicated being an idol, though I think most of us would be happy if boys could have girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

Not too sure if you saw this solo rehearsal clip and the cute comment made by the clip creator: