Sunday, November 15, 2009

[Fancam] Jung Min's 朋友 (Friends) + lyrics & romanization

I am really amazed by Jung Min's talent for language. His pronunciation for this song is really PERFECT! I hope when he come to Singapore he will also sing another chinese song for Singapore TripleS also. Hmm..... what about 童话 (Fairy Tale) by Guang Liang? He is most suitable to sing this type of love song.

Thanks Shirley again for uploading all these fancams!


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[Fancam] SS501 Jung Min "Friends" Special Solo at Persona in Shanghai

[Fancam] SS501 Jung Min Intro+Ending for "Friends" Special Solo at Persona in Shanghai

In the beginning he said: "I have specially prepared a song... which is 'Friends'"
At the end he said: "All of you are my friends forever"

[Fancam](Full Song) SS501 Jung Min "Friends" Special Solo at Persona in Shanghai

I am late to post the lyrics of this song this time. I thought you might like this song, it is actually the 2008 Olympic song. The song lyrics is very meaningful. It is actually very suitable to sing in the concert, if all of the boys sing this song, it is even more meaningful.





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Zhe Xie Nian Yi Ge Ren
Feng Ye Guo Yu Ye Zou
You Guo Lei You Guo Cuo
Hai Ji De Jian Chi Shen Me

Zhen Ai Guo Cai Hui Dong
Hui Ji Mo Hui Hui Shou
Zhong You Meng Zhong You Ni Zai Xin Zhong

Peng You Yi Shen Yi Qi Zou
Na Xie Ri Zi Bu Zai You
Yi Ju Hua Yi Bei Zi
Yi Shen Qing Yi Bei Jiu
Peng You Bu Zai Gu Dan Guo
Yi Sheng Peng You Ni Hui Dong
Hai You Shang Hai You Tong
Hai Yao Zou Hai You Wo

English translation:

Friends (Original Singer: Emil Chow)

All these years, alone
Wind has passed, rain has gone
There was tears, there was faults
Still remember what to hold onto

After truthfully loved, then will understand
Will feel lonely, will ponder back
Finally there is dream, Finally there is you in my heart

Friends, we have walked together for the entire life
Those days would not return
One sentence for entire life
One life friendship, one cup of wine
Friends, have never been lonely before
One word, Friends you will understand
There was hurt there was pain
Continue to walk and I am always there


Anonymous said...

Hi, I think there is a typo error.
The chorus: Peng You Yi Shen Yi Qi Zou
Na Xie Ri Zi Yi Zai You

I think the second line there is a word wrongly type and it should be

"Na Xie Ri Zi Bu Zai you"

Cause its diff from the chi wordings on the top of it.

Anyway, well done Jung Min.
Really talented.
Good in talking and learning languages.
Learning songs in a foreign language really very very fast.
You are really a professional singer.
Keep up the good work Jung Min oppa.

Mini UFO said...

Oh! Thanks for pointing me out!