Friday, November 20, 2009

[Info] Persona Thailand to be held on 9 January at Impact Arena MuangThong

I got info about this yesterday midnight from both Mel and Kunnue. Since Mel told me that it is not finalized I didn't posted it up yet. Now that Quiante501 already posted up I guess it should be finalized. A change of date and location for Persona Thailand. According to Mel, the location can fit about 12,000 person! This is the same location which DBSK hold their concert last year. It was also sold out, I guess SS501 would definitely not have any problem with ticket sales too!

If you are planning to go for Persona Thailand, quickly mark your calendar!

P/S: I have added on few pictures of the concert location when DBSK was holding their concert in Impact Arena last year. Thanks Mel for supplying the pictures and following up with me all this while.

P/P/S: I have added in the seating map. Thanks 圆圆亲 for sending me the link to the seating plan.


[Info] SS501 the 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok

Credits : DSP Thailand + (English translation) Kunnue

Concert Date: 09 Jan 2010
Time: 19:00
Venue: Impact Arena MuangThong
Ticket Price:
Standing: 4500
Seat 5500 4500 3500 2000 800

Specially for SS501 Official Thailand Fanclub member can book ticket in advance on 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun) Nov 2009
Place: House Office 5th Floor Siam Paragon [Opposite Paragon Hall]
21 Nov 2009 : 11:00-17:00
22 Nov 2009 : 11:00-16:00
Each member can book 4 tickets.

Public Sales will announce soon.

This is how the concert location looked like when DBSK held their concert there last year!


wen0607 said...

Dear cagali, thanks for the info on this~^^
Just surprised that the date is 9 Jan instead of 17 Jan....
Anyway, the venue is very much bigger than the previous one I posted....
I dun think I'm going for this....still awaiting for SG concert to be confirmed~~ >.<

jess said...

I dont understand why the 5500THB is further the stage than 4500THB... I want the best seat.. I dont mind to pay more.. But seem like 4500thb is closer to the stage than 5500... which doesnt make any sense to mee... I thought its alway the most expensive is the most VIP seat..... ><... So frustrated ... Could anyone give my any advice or suggest?

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

Hey jess,

the 5500 is the most expensive seats bcos they are for sponsors and only avaiable for Thai TS member for about 150-200 seats. It's right in front of the front stage where the boys will be performing!

That's why most Thai TS are fighting for this 5500 seat. 4500 is closer somehow if you get the front seat but for the 5500 you'll be closer casue there are less people in the area. !!

That's what I've heard and according to DSP staff.

Hope this info help ^^