Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kyu Jong message in DSP 2009.11.20

Sweet Kyu left a message in SS501 official website again. ^^


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Kyu Jong: Waoh ^^.. Hee Aja Aja ~~ Thank You! (2009.11.20 9:35:10 PM)

We won 1st!!!! Thank You. ^^

Hehe We were so happy and were jumping around~~
Even the heaven also knew we won first, it was raining again~
We are really the rain child (idol who brought the rain)!! hehe
After raining feel even better !! ~

Sweeties~ Waiting outside at such a cold day for so long TT,,
You didn't catch cold right?
Don't get sick. Be careful of flu oh !! Understand?
Must also have a proper meal ~ !!
A lot of you have not ate your breakfast this morning when I asked~ Must eat proper meal oh !!

Because of tomorrow, I ~~
Today after finish my meal, I will sleep early !!
See you tomorrow oh~~
So happy today!! Hehehe~ Good night ^^!!! I Love You~~

Original message:

규종 : 우와^^.. ㅎ 아자아자~~ 고마워요 ! (2009-11-20 오후 9:35:10)

1 등 먹었어요 !!!! 고맙습니다. ^^

ㅎㅎ 너무 신나서 멤버들과 방방뛰었어요~~

우리 1등한거 알구 하늘이 또 비를 뿌려주네요~

역시 우린 비부돌 !! ㅎㅎ

비오니까 기분이 더 좋아!! ~

이쁜이들~ 추운데 오늘 밖에서 많이 기다린 친구들도 있고 ㅜㅜ,,

감기는 안걸렸어요?

아프지마요 감기 조심해야해요!! 알았죠?

밥도 잘 챙겨먹구 ~!!

아침에 물어보니까 밥 안먹은 친구들 많던데~~ 밥 잘 챙겨먹기!!

나는 내일을 위해서~~

오늘은 맛있게 밥을 먹고 일찍자려구!!


오늘 완전신났어!! 히히히~ 안녕^^!!! 알라뷰~~


Anonymous said...

Thanks!!!!! Hyung Joon Baby also shares his feeling on Diary too!!!!!! Hope you translate it!!!!!! Big thank again! Calagi, fighting!

DannyDan02 said...

aaawww!! so cute!!! both HJB and Kyu Jong!! I'm so happy they won again!!! more more more awards and sucess for our beloved SS501!!! ^_^