Monday, November 16, 2009

[News] Kim HyunJoong “Went to HongKong without company knowing, but caught by paparazzi”

Haha! So they actually went to HongKong without the knowledge of the company. I can picture their reaction when reading the news the next day. ^^ Glad that it was over and they can take it as a joke!

Thanks XiaoChu for the many many news translation today.


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SS501 Kim HyunJoong revealed his experience of going to HongKong without the knowledge of his company but was caught.

Kim HyunJoong said in KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’ broadcasted on 14-Nov “Company gave us 4 days leave. They asked us to be within touch and go to enjoy but be cautious. Hearing those words, we want to free ourselves, so we got onto a plane and went overseas.

Kim HyunJoong added “So we went to HongKong. However, we were caught by the paparazzi, showing we were with some females in HongKong, and it was published on newspaper. I saw the morning papers in the hotel and both YoungSaeng and I were shocked.” Heo YoungSaeng continued “We think of it as a souvenir photo.” His comment made others laughed.

Kim HyunJoong was misunderstood at that time that he was there dating due to the photo that was taken by the HongKong paparazzi being published. To this matter, his company explained “After their concert in Budokan Japan, Kim HyunJoong went on vacation to HongKong with his friends since elementary school, a total of 8 people in the entourage.”

This episode of ‘Star Golden Bell’ includes HwanHee, Taegoon, Kim GiSoo, SHU I ChangHyun & HyungJoon, Shoo, SS501 Park JungMin Kim HyungJoon Kim HyunJoong Kim KyuJong Heo YoungSaeng, Seo JooAe, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, KARA Park KyuRi, After School GaHee, Kim HyunChul, 2AM ChangMin, Jung JooRi, Kim TaeHyun.


LHL said...

thanks for posting all the news..
i finally got time to read during lunch!!

DannyDan02 said...

souvenir photo xD !!!well at least it fits with the bad boy image that Young Saeng wants!!haha the company didn't know!!wow!!!but it's good cuz you know about other companies that don't let artists go anywhere unless they're notify or without permission!!that means they have more freedom!! even with DSP weird way of publicity ^^'

P said...

i knew it! nahhh, it's good that they are given more leeway by DSP. If Leader and Youngsaeng were dating those girls, it's good for them... they are adults, they should go and date and try to have normal lives as much as they can.

Anonymous said...

Yes....isn't YoungSaeng's wish to get a girl friend?

They are just human being and should live life as normal as they can....but they are just very good looking human being.

Anonymous said...

why dont they said its their friends or girlfriends??
"couple of girls" is not a nice way to call your friends or girlfriends..
Man Up guys!

Anonymous said...

I read in korean fancafe, from they who have attended SGB recording..
They cut alot..
Actually hyun joong talk alot about this, he said he went there with his childhood friends, youngsaeng just accompaniying him. And he said too his friends mad at him too XD because why they have to accompany him in paparazzi news too hahaha.. Even they just have regular holiday.
Youngsaeng talk about this too..
But they didnt broadcast that part. They cut alot.

Mini UFO said...

What to do, that's TV station, they will try to leave more 'interesting' and 'juicy' news and cut away those not so interesting parts.

Just like WGM also, certain parts were also left out... I wish they could show more of them but I guess they cannot have too much air time on one person also. Probably that's why they have to cut certain parts of his conversation.

Mini UFO said...

Oh! Thanks for sharing also. Anonymous! If you read more, do share with us ok!

Anonymous said...

okay Mini UFO, you make me wanna watch the Barbecue scene badly againnnnn!
lets robbed MBC, and take the uncut version of WGM..LOL
*evil laugh..