Saturday, November 21, 2009

[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong perform song that promote prevention of new influenza

I check Star King program for today, it is CONFIRMED that leader will appear in Star King today! Remember to tune in to Star King at 6.30pm (Seoul time) today!


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Recently contracted new influenza and causing a lot of fans worried about him, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong performed song that promote prevention of new influenza.

In the recent SBS 'Star King - Definitely shocking Program", Accapella group Voiture promote how to prevent new influenza. Kim Hyun Joong and other 'Star King' participants also sing the new influenza prevention promotional song on stage.

Kim Hyun Joong said: "When was confirmed contracted new influenza, I was very panic and scared. I had to calm myself and now I was completely recovered." He also said: "You must always be careful to wash your hand, this will definitely help prevent new influenza."

New influenza promotion song's lyric is altered from Cosmetic Coreana CF song "Holding Hands", it was remake by group Acappella into "Wash Hand", the lyrics was totally different fro the CF song and the content combine all prevention steps for new inflenza. It was officially released before broadcast in 'Star King'.

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After suffering from new inflenza, Kim Hyun Joong actively participated in new inflenza prevention themed program filming and received much attention.

Previously when he was contracted with new influenza and causing his fans to be very worried, Kim Hyun Joong after recovered, actively participated in related prevention activities, recently when filming SBS program, he even participated in singing related theme song and became a topic of discussion.

Other than SS501, SHINEE and other artist also joint hands in participating in this activity. This song was performed using Accapella style.

Kim Hyun Joong revealed when known about he was contracted with new influenza, he was very panic, but after that the treatment process went smoothly than what he has thought. He hope that everybody will wash hands diligently and take care of their health to prevent infection.

This program will be broadcast on 21st, 6.30pm.


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